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Mid week moan | Who is to blame?

The Public

The building in the picture is the ‘Public’ on West Bromwich, High St. For the benefit of my American readers, we can build you one just like it if you have about a hundred million dollars to spare. It is very symbolic. It symbolises the Orwellian big brother society to me. Notice the CCTV camera on the right of the picture. Whose to blame?

Yes, they are watching us and want to control our lives. They want anyone sick or disabled examined by that horrible French company Atos Healthcare who will abuse their human rights and accuse them of faking it. Human Rights in the UK seem to be reserved for the likes of Abu Qatada, who still hasn’t been deported. Whose to blame?

I was in a horrible traffic jam yesterday. I think it was caused by an accident. It was made a hell of a lot worse by the design of the road system. The road was dual carriageway and when I got to the roundabout at Junction 9 of the M6 it goes to three lanes. No wonder it’s bloody chaos. No one seemed to know which lane they were supposed to be in. Driving around these roundabouts in the middle lane is a bloody nightmare. I suppose it looked OK on a paper or was it a computer screen? Further up the road there was an accident, I assume that was the cause of the chaos. As you go from junction 9 towards Wednesbury, there is a school on the left. It’s a bloody great place to have a school isn’t it? I admit I went to school around the corner, but there was no motorway then. So they have to slow the traffic down, all the way up the road with traffic lights, speed cameras and pot holes. No wonder that drivers speed up when they reach the dual carriageway. They go over that rise too fast and then see chaos as cars are trying to pull out of the High Street. I had one plough into me years ago. Am I surprised that this was where the accident was? It seems white van man hit a couple of kids who then had to be airlifted to hospital. I wouldn’t like to be the driver, the kids or or the kid’s parents. Whose to blame? I suspect the blame will go to white van man for going too fast. The police closed the road for nearly three hours to collect evidence. They won’t pin the blame on the road planners will they?

Whose to blame for the Eurozone crisis? Those people on that little island called Cyprus or the mighty Germans with all their wealth. It’s much easier to blame the weaker country. Eh?

Whose to blame for Britain’s economic problems. Nah, it’s not bankers on multi million quid bonuses, they create wealth. Nah, it’s not the press tapping phones, they create wealth too. Nah, it’s not the politicians fiddling their expenses, they govern the country. Nah, it’s not the financiers in the city of London. They work down coal mines in their spare time creating wealth too. No, the economic crisis is caused by benefit scrounging scum who lie in bed until lunchtime, watch Jeremy Kyle on TV and then waste their £56 a week down the bookies and the boozer. Innit?

There are people at the top sitting in leather chairs in offices and there are the weak and vulnerable. The weak can be a small country, a disabled person struggling with life, someone sick and frightened, kids trying to cross the road, white van man trying to earn a living or there are the people struggling on £56 a week. Who do we blame for the countries problems? The strong or the weak?

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