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“Wealthy elderly people who do not need benefit payments to help with fuel bills or free travel should voluntarily return the money to the authorities, the work and pensions secretary says.” (BBC News) I don’t know. Buckingham Palace is a big place to keep warm, they need their winter fuel payments. They hardly use their bus passes anyway…

I talked to someone on a bus this morning. I was sitting in my kitchen, she was on the bus. Aren’t phones great now? Some school kids have phones that are smarter than they are. Anyway, I was sitting in my kitchen typing on my laptop and my student friend was on a bus and we managed a short conversation using Skype. It was free! You’re impressed aren’t you? You will be be impressed when I tell you that this was before 9 o’clock this morning and she was hoping to be home by supper time. A long journey? Well long enough, it was a 100 miles journey. She told me that it was very hot on the bus. Now you’re impressed. You know she wasn’t in the UK. Right? When was the last time it was hot here! She was actually on a bus travelling to the city; in China. How about that for using technology?

Incidentally, today’s picture is of the local park, it was a bit warm that day. I think I was wearing a tee shirt. Not hot, just warm. We don’t get carried away here…

I read this week that some British companies are awash with money just waiting to invest it. They have 750 billion that they would like to invest. I wonder where they keep it all? In the banks? I thought the banks were losing money, with 750 billion in deposits they should be able to make a profit. Maybe it’s not in the banks, maybe it’s in government bonds. That would be a bit worrying, wouldn’t it? They can’t have all that money invested can they? They want to invest it. It seems that once they have the confidence to invest, the country will come out of recession or depression as the Archbishop of Canterbury likes to call it and everything will be alright. The Conservatives win the next election and we all live happily ever after… The bit I don’t understand is why British companies don’t have confidence in the government. Maybe it’s because everything seemed alright before Osborne started running the economy. We can’t criticise though, the poor chap will start grizzling again…

“A housing association has apologised to “horrified” residents after suggesting they give up Sky TV, cigarettes, drink and bingo to deal with benefit cuts.” (BBC News) That housing association offered to give it’s tenants ‘advice’ on how to budget. Surplus income is what you have left after you have paid for all the essentials like water, housing, food, council tax, television licence and telephone.  People on benefits usually have their housing and council tax paid (unless they have a spare bedroom). Even so, when they have paid £10 for water, £25 for food, £6 for the telephone and a ridiculous £3 for a TV licence there isn’t a lot left out of £56 a week. It can cost a fiver in bus fare just to go to the job centre for a mandatory interview and if they are disabled they will be called into the city to be assessed by that obnoxious French company, Atos Healthcare.

They should stick Iain Duncan Smith and his cronies on a housing estate full of yobs or Bullingdon boys and see how he really copes on £56 a week in a pokey, draughty, one bedroom flat with paper thin walls and the schizophrenic neighbour from hell. That’s the reality of life on many council estates and housing associations homes are often worse. They build crap as cheap as possible and rent it out at ‘economic rents’.  They are buy to let parasites hiding behind a cloak of respectability.

I think ‘Operation Yewtree’  seems strange. There are a lot of people being arrested and some charged. People looking back at incidents can believe what they want to believe and in court, if any of these cases ever get to court; it is likely to be argued that the victims are hoping for compensation for their alleged abuse. While it seems plausible that people in the media that had positions of power might commit such crimes, it also seems plausible that people claiming to victims could be trying it on to get compensation.  I’m expecting some of the ‘victims’ to suddenly change their minds, after an offer of compensation is quietly made. I think finding evidence that isn’t just circumstantial will be very difficult. How many of these so called offences took place in public with lots of witnesses? There are many young girls that are seduced by older men and are quite willing at the time, but claim rape later when they realise they were taken advantage of. At the age of 15, other women call them slappers, at the age of 23 the systems calls them victims. It’s a minefield for the police investigation and it could begin to look more like a witch hunt…

What do you think of what goes on in society today? Please share your thoughts in the comments box…


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  1. I’d love to see IDS living on a council estate.

    29, April 2013 at 9:25 pm

    • Can you imagine IDS living on the Yew Tree, catching the bus every time he wanted to go to the supermarket. Going to the compulsory interview at the jobs centre. I think he might miss his 5 bedrooms, swimming pool and his tennis courts.

      30, April 2013 at 9:51 am

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