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Neodigital Art | Coloured pencil

Cathedral too

I did this edit from a photo by Simon James. I cropped the photo and then edited with PhotoScape using the coloured pencil option. Neodigital Art is about using digital devices, cameras, scanners and computers to create something different.

This is the original photo of St Edmundsbury Cathedral. The first thing to notice is the the trees on either side. It really needs cropping:

Cathedral original

Besides the trees, the photo is very dull. The weather was bad that week. I cropped the photo and added highlights and contrast:

Cathedral edit

Just cropping off those half trees and adding contrast and highlights makes the picture a little better. Then you can experiment and try to do something artistic with it. There are lots of options in PhotoScape to play with, so the only limit is your imagination. The combinations of different options is unlimited, so don’t be afraid to use them in unusual ways.


I took this photo because of the patterns. Patterns always make a picture interesting. I used the coloured pencil option again on this picture, it brings out some patterns and makes them more pronounced. You can see the brick of the wall clearly.

industry bridge

I took this picture some time ago. It looks quite rural, but it’s a bridge over the canal. I took the original photo using the full zoom of the camera.

industry canal

You can see in this picture, how much zoom I used to photograph that bridge. You can see it there in the distance.

What do you think of today’s pictures? Do you want to join this school of art? Please comment


3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, My favourite picture this week is number three. I love what you did with the church picture, bringing the church and the flowers closer in the scene. The angles of the flower beds are a good fit for the angles of the church and its tower.

    I really enjoy seeing the before and after photos. It’s amazing what you can do with editing. What’s particularly interesting to me this week is the canal picture versus the church picture. With the church picture you used editing to zoom in on the church but with the canal picture you used the zoom on your camera, is that right? Do you prefer to use the zoom on your camera or to use editing to bring your subjects closer?

    I also enjoyed the picture of the building with the fence. I never would have thought to have taken a picture of that building, nor to edit it artistically as you have. But you turned what must have been a fairly plain looking building into a work of art!

    My daughter and I were at a farm near here last week and we took some nature pictures I will send you to see what magic you can work with them. 🙂

    30, April 2013 at 10:55 am

    • Hi Carolyn,

      You made a good observation. I’m thinking of a new camera with much better resolution, but not such a good zoom. You can zoom in using crop when editing, but you lose resolution. With better resolution, it won’t matter! I actually used the fish eye effect on the first picture. It’s artistic, but I’m not too sure about the colours on that one.

      We went out and took a few photos today. We looked at the remains of the local castle. Simon had his photo taken next to a sign saying Lover’s Walk. He got a little lost in the woodland when i left him behind too! 🙂

      I received you emails. I’ll look at those photos later. Thanks for popping in…

      30, April 2013 at 5:06 pm

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