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Sometimes, I think as a society we take one step forward and two steps backwards. There are lots of experiments that seem to fail. The big pink box on West Bromwich High Street is still referred to as ‘iconic’, but in reality it’s a failed experiment. They intend to use it as a sixth form college now.

I suppose that will make Sandwell College bigger and more ‘iconic’ and I wouldn’t mind betting that the person in charge gets a new label as chief executive and a big pay rise to boot. I suspect that the M6 toll road isn’t a resounding success either, but will that stop some politicians calling for more ‘private’ roads, hospitals, prisons and schools?

I reflected on life a little with this week’s posts:

Finance Friday | Supply and demand was about market economics, which seems to be the current political religion.

Thrifty Thursday | Saving money in many ways was  Thursday’s post with more thrifty ideas. No matter how thrifty we are, it’s hard to avoid increases in our usual bills, gas and electricity gets dearer, food prices keep going up, but the prices of luxuries seems to drop. Is it time to scrap VAT on gas an electricity? Any one want to bet that Labour will say that is needed because of climate change and they’ll propose reducing VAT on luxuries like smart TV’s, smart phones and tablet computers; all of which are imported. It’s a bloody shame there are no smart politicians!

The midweek ramble was more moaning about the state of this country and to a lesser extent the world.

Neodigital Art | Creative Editing was this week’s photography and art post. That was popular, but the first picture was very creative!

A bank holiday day out was my bank holiday post. We all need a day out sometimes and where I live there are lots of local places to go. People tend to drive past them and past the local parks to go farther afield; strange that…

Spooky was my Sunday ramble about anything and everything. I shall be back with another ramble on life tomorrow. That had quite a spooky picture, hence the title.

It seems that these days we have computers, smart phones, cars with power steering and brakes, but many people still have Victorian values or worse are quite primitive. I read this morning that some people think that benefit claimants are sub-human and don’t feel the same as us. Maybe they lack empathy for people who are less fortunate?

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  1. love your blog

    11, May 2013 at 10:34 am

    • Thanks. Try to write longer comments or they might be filtered out as spam. One a comment is marked as spam, then all your comments on all WordPress blogs get filtered, which would be a shame.

      11, May 2013 at 10:39 am

      • Yeah I totally Agree I guess when I comment i’ll have to go more in depth about what I love just wanna uplift others after I see their blogs but I really appreciate the heads up.Have you experienced this before?

        11, May 2013 at 10:46 am

    • It does happen, the comment usually ends up in spam…

      11, May 2013 at 11:01 pm

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