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The farce is strong


George Osborne is claiming that it was his influence that is bringing Lucasfilm to the UK to make another episode of Star Wars. The Downing Street farce is strong and they’re bringing the film over to the dark side.

In Britain we are used to the dark side, when the Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980, we had Thatcherism and you don’t get any more evil than that. That earned over a half a billion dollars world wide. I wonder which country the corporation tax went to? Some tax haven on a remote island somewhere, where the force is strong for tax evaders? It seems that Ozzie, the new Prince of Darkness has promised tax breaks for this latest film.

Remember C-P30 and R2D2? Ozzie is getting a robot and calling it 2POSH4U. They are trying to get it to behave differently from his neighbour, so he can tell which is which…

It was suggested this week that benefit claimants are sub-human and that they can’t feel things like us normal humans. They can’t appreciate art for example. I dunno, many of them have quite artistic leanings and spend their benefits getting artistic tattoos. I do admit that their appreciation of music is different to mine, though.

I watched Casualty last night, which is one of the better programmes on television and quite realistic. I liked the X-ray of a broken arm. The kid who drank malathion case was a little less convincing. I think malathion has a very distinctive smell and would have been easier to identify. I remember a outbreak of nits at the local school and all the kids had their hair washed in malathion shampoo. You could smell them coming…  It was good that anxiety was featured too, especially as it was a doctor who had an anxiety attack. Imagine how people feel when they suffer from anxiety and they have to go to the Jobcentre or an Atos assessment and deal with those servants of the Dark Side. They can’t nick a bottle of diazepam from the medicine cabinet. You have more chance of getting a heart transplant these days than a diazepam…

I liked that singer on The Voice last night. The one with the long false eyelashes. You must have seen her…

Conflicts in the Middle East worsen, Turkey hopes it will all be over by Christmas…

Nurses are saying there is a shortages of nurses in the NHS. David Cameron wants them to work as healthcare assistants before training as nurses. That sounds like another announcement from a prophet who has no idea what goes on in hospitals. Politics is now too much of a religion and based on quite primitive beliefs. Nurses don’t care and claimants are sub-human. There was even a suggestion that disabled children should be put down like animals this week. There are nearly 8,000 employees in the health service earning 6 figure salaries now, that could be part of the reason there is a shortage of nurses. Everyone wants to be a CEO these days. Matrons used to run hospitals, town clerks ran towns and managing directors ran companies. Now they all have to be a CEO on a 6 figure salary with a key to the executive loo.

That’s the lot for this week. I have to cook lunch soon… Please share your thoughts in the comments box…

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  1. Don’t get me started on CEOs and middle management.

    13, May 2013 at 7:32 am

    • Hi Nick,

      I meant to reply to this yesterday, but had a busy morning. There seems to be a delay on my email too! Many CEO’s and middle managers have a language all of there own too, a sort of look at me talking crap culture. I even see it in the hospital, people walk around in groups talking crap…

      14, May 2013 at 9:29 am

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