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Thrifty Thursday | Walsall again?

The Aldi super-six this week are celery, cucumbers, lemons (3), spring onions, tomatoes (6) and garlic (4). They are all 49p each. That’s the same as last week. I spend ten pounds this week in Poundland, which isn’t difficult.

It’s easy to spend too much browsing in shops that you don’t go in regularly. I tend to just get what I need in Aldi and avoid impulse buys. I do buy pens on impulse. I never had a decent pen when I was at school and the paper was that rough it was like writing on sandpaper. Now if I see a pack of pens that look decent I tend to buy them. I tend to buy notepads too, although I do write a lot of notes.

The Sunday special buys include a car stereo for 49.99. I’m not sure how to change mine or I would have that. It’s not really something that I need though. There is a lot of Mexican food items on that web page.  I noticed frozen sardines too. I had some frozen sardines from Aldi not long ago, they were awful. If you don’t like bones in fish, avoid those. I can recommend the frozen haddock though, I’m having that for lunch…

The special buys next Thursday (23rd May) include things for the garden like garden tools and a barbecue.  There are some chip baskets, 4 for 2.59; that I might look at. It’s these things that add to your shopping bill!

If you don’t usually use Aldi, then check out their everyday essentials that is the equivalent of value ranges at other supermarkets.

It seems the recession in the Eurozone is the longest in the history of the Eurozone and most other western nations are in recession too.  We might have to be thrifty and frugal for some time. I don’t see the government cutting down on anything but essentials, while we cut down on the luxuries. It’s the same with councils. Road schemes costing millions get the go ahead, while libraries are closed to save a few thousand. If councils employed local people then all these improvements to the roads might not be necessary.

The best things in life are free. I use a lot of free software. I went to Walsall Art gallery on Tuesday, which has free admission. I’m going to a family fun day at the Walsall campus of the University of Wolverhampton on Saturday, if the rain stops too. There’s free ice cream and a free barbecue too! Yes, I’m going to Walsall again, three times in one week. I was given a certificate by the mayor in 2011, I’ll be getting another one for promoting the place if I carry on like this.  Some Walsall yam-yams read my blog yesterday!

You can also have free days out at museums, parks and nature reserves as well as art galleries. Check where you nearest park or nature reserve is and take a picnic. Post it on Facebook and a few friends might join you.

Please use the comment box to share your thoughts on thrifty and frugal living.


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