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Lock old photo

I managed to take a few photos on Sunday and so I went back to see this lock-keepers cottage in Walsall. There are some leaves on the trees now and although the sun was going lower, I got a different photograph.

I used a few options in PhotoScape to edit this picture, but the main options were the vintage option to make it look vintage. I also used the clone tool to remove a satellite dish. I do wish people who lived in historic buildings would opt for cable!

Lock and Sandwell Valley 012

As I was walking back to my car I took this shot, just because it was an interesting scene and the sun had come out. It’s not very artistic and I could have arranged the shot better. I simply added a little contrast when I edited it. I intend to take more shots of streets because people want to see them. The shot has a little depth because the road goes away from us, but there’s not much in the foreground to give it depth. If you were drawing this picture, you would probably start with a line to represent the horizon, centred vertically. If you follow the dotted line in the centre of the road it goes to the centre point on that imaginary line. The size of everything in the picture gets smaller as it goes away from you towards that point on the horizon. This gives the picture perspective and the eye compares the size of all the objects. A branch of a tree overhanging in the foreground would have given the picture so much more depth. Forge Mill Lake, Sandwell Valley

This photo isn’t very interesting and there is less to give it depth, but the tree contrasts with the rest of the picture.  This picture needs a little cropping off the bottom.

Finally, back to the lock-keepers cottage. You can do lots of edits. You can even put a frame around your picture. Then you can join them all up using PhotoScape, which might be useful for emailing them to a friend or sending them via Skype. Here’s one I made earlier…

Lock-keepers cottage vertical

That was longer than I thought! If you like drawing or painting, you can also photograph your subject and then use the coloured pencil option in PhotoScape to get some idea of what your drawing will look like.

I hope you like today’s pictures and are inspired to join this Neodigital school of art. Please share your thoughts in the comments box.

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