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Thrifty Thursday | Bargains for the bank holiday

The Aldi super-six this week are celery, cucumbers, lemons (3), spring onions, tomatoes (6) and garlic (4). They are all 49p each. They haven’t changed from last week, but their website has. There is a lot more on there.

Today’s special buys include lots of barbecue and picnic things like a barbecue tool set for 4.99 and this week I’ll look for the chip baskets 2.59 for 4. They are useful for barbecues or even when you’re doing a buffet. There is also gardening products including a walk-in greenhouse for 34.99. My runner bean seeds have germinated but the weather is awful, particularly cold today where I am.

The Sunday special buys include tools like spanners and screwdrivers and men’s clothes. I like the leather boat shoes for 16.99, but I don’t like laces… I’m too tall for lace up shoes!

The everyday essentials are always worth checking out at Aldi. I have the oven chips and cook those in my air-fryer and this week I had the bacon too. It’s not often I have bacon and eggs, but I enjoyed those this week.

If you’re a coeliac like me you might be interested in the gluten free sausages, they have the gluten free symbol on them so should be good. They’re 1.99 for 400g.

I had a bottle of dandelion and burdock (59p) last week that was a blast from the past; it took me back to my childhood.

It’s Bank Holiday this week, so you might want to get some things for a barbecue or picnic. The roads will be chaotic where I live so I might go out on Sunday, but I’ll stay away from the M6 on Sunday because I know the stupid people go shopping on Bank Holidays…

There are lots of parks, museums and nature reserves to go to on Sunday or Monday and many will be a free day out. If you’re in the Midlands, Walsall art gallery has good exhibitions, West Bromwich has the Oak House and Manor House and there is the absolutely great Black Country Living Museum at Dudley; but that isn’t free, of course. You will probably find something near you that is free or cheap. Take your camera and record your day out in pictures. Some places will give you a discount on your entrance if the weather isn’t very good; it’s worth asking. I got a discount last summer on entrance to a vehicle show, because it was raining a bit.  With this weeks super-six from Aldi, you could do a nice salad and go on a picnic somewhere.

Please comment and share your thoughts if you have spotted a bargain or know a good place for a day out.

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