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Bank holiday blues

Lock and Sandwell Valley 018

Yes, it’s Bank Holiday weekend again and the kids are off school for Whitsun. The Ikea sale will start on Monday and the stupid people will queue along the M6 for that. If you have to go to the  Ikea sale; go next week, it runs until June 23rd.

As you may have guessed I live not too far from an Ikea store which is close to Junction 9 of the M6. I’m not too bothered, they will stream off junction 10 to go to Boundary Mills anyway.There is rain forecast for Monday too; if that’s not an Act of God, I don’t know what is…

I just noticed there are jobs going at Ikea, so I took a look. I thought one might be suitable for an International student I know at Wolverhampton University. Most of the jobs were in China, by a strange coincidence she speaks fluent Chinese, but she doesn’t want to go home just yet…

Finance Friday | Loose money was about economics, read that and you can impress people in the pub with your knowledge.

Thrifty Thursday | Bargains for the Bank Holiday was Thursday’s post and I didn’t mention Ikea once…

Neodigital Art | Stylish Editing was Tuesday’s popular art and photography post.

Greedy, mad, swivel eyed loons was Sunday’s  ramble about politics, amongst other things.

I know, there was no Monday psychology post or a mid week moan. It was one of those weeks. The next Bank Holiday isn’t until the 26th of August. One good thing this week, is no bloody school runs. Parents moan and want speed humps by schools and then cause traffic jams twice a day taking their kids to school. The reason I grew up tall and slender is because I walked to school. Do you want your kids to grow up to obesity and heart attacks?

I nearly forgot, the photo is the nature reserve that I went to last Sunday at Sandwell Valley Country Park in West Bromwich. I shall be out taking photos again this Sunday, if the rain stops.  You can probably find somewhere to go this weekend if you look online. Don’t leave it until Monday if you live in the Midlands, rain is forecast…

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Sunday ramble. Please comment and share your thoughts in the meantime…


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