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The Aldi super-six this week are red onions (1kg), cherry plum tomatoes, (250g), Galia melon, Jersey Royal potatoes (450g), fun size apples (7) and green beans (220g). I got that wrong last week, they updated the website after I had written that post. You can always click the link to check though.

The Thursday special buys for today are mostly baby things like bottles and there’s a baby food maker. I think the baby food maker at 39.99 could be a good idea. You not only get tastier and healthier food, but it could work out cheaper too.

The special buys on Sunday are mostly camping gear. I like the LED lantern. I’m not going camping, but I might find a use for it! I would like the insulated flask too. I sometimes take food when I have a day out, it would be cool to take a hot drink too…

On the coming soon page they have things for Father’s Day. The hair trimmer set is great.  That could probably save the average family a fortune.

I had some of those chip baskets last week, those are good for barbecues. I can do chips in my Philips air fryer and serve them up in those baskets when I have guests.

Matalan always have a sale and I’m thinking of going there this week. The linen shirts I want, aren’t in the sale, but they still seem reasonably priced.

It’s worth looking at the Asda Direct site. They have some homeware on sale. I checked out the linen shirts and they have more then Matalan. The quality at Asda tends to be slightly better than Matalan, but the styles aren’t always as good. A lot of the clothes are only at the bigger Asda super-stores. I have one not too far away and so I might pay a that one a visit.

I had a bank statement last week. I paid my bills over the past three months and I bought essentials like food. I also bought a strimmer from B&Q, but the only cash I spent was the window cleaner, a jar of sweets and I spent a tenner in Poundland. I only went in Poundland because I was thirsty and it was raining! So I saved a few quid. It’s a good idea to think about the essentials and save for the luxuries. I want a new camera. Will I buy one now? No, I’ll wait for a better special offer! I need an anaesthetic to part with that much money anyway!

Seen a bargain? Please share your thoughts and bargains in the comments box.

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