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Free Days Out

Today’s photo was taken in Redhouse Park, West Bromwich, a few weeks ago. On a nice day, you could do worse than go there for a picnic. There are lots of places here in the Black Country. There’s parks, nature reserves and canals everywhere. You could even do a bit of fishing!

The health benefits of relaxation aren’t fully understood, but it can’t do any harm when heart disease is such a big killer. I watched a programme on TV the other night that said heart attacks increase in the UK when the temperature drops just one degree. So be careful if the sun goes in this weekend! There are lots of places for a free day out, so enjoy the nice weather this weekend if you’re in England…

Finance Friday | Breaking away was yesterday’s post. We need to break away from the herd sometimes. Just because everyone else is in the pub getting drunk, we don’t have to. We might have better things to do with our money. We do tend to follow the crowd though, it must be a tribal thing…

Thrifty Thursday | thrifty ideas was the usual thrifty post about saving money. With incomes dropping in real terms, we all need to save a few quid.

The Wednesday moan was my rant about what was on my mind. There was a warning in that post about a dodgy credit card that will rip you off and have you in debt for life, if you’re not careful.

Neodigital Art | More diverse editing was Tuesday’s popular art and photography post. I’m really getting into art now and I hope to do a whole week of art posts soon. Something to look forward to?

Psychology  | Childhood was Monday’s psychology post. Our character, personality and beliefs are formed when we are children. What happens to children defines who they are as adults, so childhood is very important. 

I shall be out and about tomorrow taking photos with a little luck for next weeks blog posts. The weather forecast looks good. I might even be wearing a tee shirt this week! It promises to be warmer and so I’ll be checking a few things on my car, like the washer fluid and I’ll check tyre pressures too. We tend not to bother so much when it’s cold. I might even go mad and clean the thing!

What will you be doing this weekend? Please share your thought in the comments box…


2 responses

  1. This is just a beautiful photo! I can tell it is a lovely location, but your photo is exceptional!

    3, June 2013 at 12:26 am

    • Hi Debra,

      Just up the valley from there is the river and we had an afternoon out there yesterday. There are millions of flowers along the river now and we photographed those. There was a black cloud though for a while, it always obscures the sun! You can spend a whole day in that valley though and enjoy the park, a farm, lakes and river. I ached a bit after all the walking, but I think it’s healthy! 🙂

      3, June 2013 at 9:39 am

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