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English parks and cream teas

Redhouse 033

Britain has some beautiful Victorian parks and we need them more than ever now. We live such stressed out lives, we need a relaxing break. What better way to relax than a walk in the park? It can be spoiled though, you do occasionally get loud mouthed yobs. People with uncontrolled dogs annoy me too.

I remember going to the park when I was a kid. It wasn’t as good as some parks, there was no boating lake or pool. We did have a water fountain, paddling pools and a bandstand. It’s those things that you remember. I thought the pavilion overlooking the bowling green was amazing. That’s the image that many people overseas have of the English. They imagine us sitting on the verandah of the pavilion in the park, drinking tea and enjoying a cream cake.  We also had crazy golf and tennis courts. Brass bands would play in the Victorian Bandstand and people would gather around to listen to them. The pavilion and much of the peace and quiet has gone, the bandstand has been restored and is used occasionally; not by brass bands of course. English tea in the park has been replaced by Starbucks and Costa coffee. Cream cakes have been replaced by something from Greggs; I have no idea what…

Another blast from the past this week was a reminded of how much some Victorian bonds and share certificates can be worth these days. They are art works in their own right. My reminder came from a share dealing service that then strangely went on to tell me to send in my share certificates and have a nominee account. It’s nominee accounts that have largely ended the sending out of share certificates and their design is very bland now compared to the Victorian ones anyway. When companies in the ‘nostalgia’ business want to raise capital, they should look at Victorian bonds and share certificates. The Severn Valley Railway was asking people to invest not long ago; if they issued a collectable share certificate, I would be tempted. The same goes for private museums and the like.

I’m going to be writing a lot about art this week. I have been interested in it for a long time and have started visiting art galleries and I’m even reviewing exhibitions. I do my neodigital art post every Tuesday too. When times are tough, new art works tend to be produced. Lots of things inspire artists and writers, but it’s usually something new. We are in a recession and maybe people who don’t have jobs will find the time to create something artistic. Will what they create be recognised though? I watched a glorified talent show on television last night and it was all about winning, not talent. Some of the singing was bloody awful as they tried to impress judges and hit notes higher than next door cat with it’s tail stuck in the door. It sounded much the same too…

We live in a society that is all about getting to the top and crushing the opposition. There is now a policy in local government of not discriminating against the disabled; but they do. Government makes laws preventing discrimination, but it’s government local and national, that discriminates the most. People with mental illness can’t get a job anywhere, the same applies to people with learning difficulties. Why can’t local councils give them jobs working in the park mowing the grass or sweeping the streets? Why can’t people with physical disabilities be given suitable jobs? Some jobs on the council, where you sit talking rubbish all day would be ideal for some disabled people…

I saw a disabled kid talking to David Cameron on TV. Cameron was even more condescending than usual. The kid sucked up and said he wanted to be a politician. They do have the odd token disabled person on the Labour side of the house. I think the kid fancied himself as a Tory politician. In his dreams…

It was sunny when I crawled out of bed this morning. I was up a little earlier, I have shopping to do and I need to get petrol, then I’ll be off out taking photos this afternoon. I have no idea where I’ll go today. There are a million of flowers down the banks of the river and there must be some places hidden away that I haven’t explored yet. So many people will stay in this afternoon watching  TV. If you have no choice, then you have to find your entertainment where you can. It isn’t good for you though. A walk in the park is much better for your mental health. It would be even better if there was a pavilion serving cream teas…

Hartley’s jam has been sold to the Yanks… What’s the world coming to…


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