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Starting your own art collection

Spring flowers 2013 063

Continuing the art week theme. Why not start your own art collection? On a budget of course! All you need to begin, is an A4 picture frame from Poundland and a picture to put in it. Art is about acceptance and so any picture that you like and accept is suitable. Then you can hang it on the wall anywhere you like.

You can choose a picture from a magazine, even a collage of pictures. You can download and print a picture from the internet. You could even use one of mine. You can draw your own picture of course or even paint a picture. You’ll find felt tip pens, roller ball pens, gel pens and pencils in Poundland too.

Once you have one picture, you can add to it and have a whole collection! Be careful how you display them. A formal straight line of pictures is a little boring, so go for a pattern, but you don’t want them to look untidy. You could get some ideas about displaying pictures from your local art gallery.

If you’re wondering about my usual Thursday thrifty blog, the super-six at Aldi as the same as last week. You could check out their posters and canvas prints though. Canvas prints are expensive, but might be worth it for that special photo.

If you want to do something really special, then take a look at the wall art options at Jessops. The larger acrylic prints are expensive, but come with 1cm of acrylic in front of the picture and look stunning. The large 50 * 75cm one is £135; I want one. Maybe they will give me one free for advertising their products?

Art doesn’t need to be a big picture. Even postage stamps and postcards are considered art. Jean-Michel Basquiat showed postcard size works to Andy Warhol in a cafe and was discovered like that. Even posters can be works of art. Ask around and someone might have a cool poster advertising something that you can frame. Some of those posters are really cool works of art and although they spend a fortune having them designed and printed, most will be destroyed in less than 12 months; so the one you save for posterity could become collectable.

You can think of a really upmarket product like champagne and then search Google for images that relate to the product. You should find one that you think is artistic.  You could even choose a place like Paris and search for images that relate to a place that evokes emotion.

You can use any of my photos, simply download and print them… What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. I’ll be back tomorrow, with another art related post. I hope you’re enjoying it so far this week.


3 responses

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  2. I have been collecting hand blown glass figures! They are exquisitely crafted, flawless, and timeless! I buy my collection in local art galleries, antique shops, in ebay, and in I hope you feature your insights and store recommendations for this kind of art. Thanks!

    22, September 2013 at 12:12 am

    • Hi Lizzie,

      I bought some unusual glass object a long time ago with the intention of starting a collection. I think I still have them, but I decided the collection would take up too much room. I’ll think about your suggestion, I’m not far from Dudley which is famous for blown glass of course.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      22, September 2013 at 8:33 am

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