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Black Country Art review

a bridge

I’ve come to the end of my art week and so I thought I would start today with an artistic edit. You never know, pictures like this might be displayed in the art gallery one day. We could launch a whole new school of art from here in the Black Country. We could call it, “Flyin’ Pigs”. We could do worse…

Art in the Black Country was yesterday’s blog post. There are a few ideas in that post for people to think about.

Starting you own art collection was Thursday’s post about starting your own art collection with a picture frame from Poundland.  The headquarters for Poundland is in Willenhall. I wonder if they would donate a few dozen picture frames to a Black Country Art exhibition? Wouldn’t that be cool. The cheapest exhibition on earth! They might even sponsor the exhibition!

Walsall Art Gallery – David Rowan: Pacha Kuti Ten was my review of David Rowan’s exhibition at the New Art Gallery at Walsall. I wonder if I’ll be asked to review any more exhibitions?

Neodigital Art | The River Tame was my usual Tuesday contribution to art. There are zillions of flowers along the river now, so check that out if you live in the Black Country.

The psychology of art was Monday’s post when I tried to define what art is from  a psychological perspective.

English parks and cream teas was my Sunday ramble about whatever was on my mind.  I’ll be doing another Sunday ramble tomorrow morning.

We do have an Arts group on Facebook for the Black Country. There is also a Facebook page for the Walsall Arts Fest, which will be on the 22nd of June.

Those were this week’s posts about art, I hope you enjoyed them. Art is about acceptance and we all have different tastes. I like Art Nouveau and Art Deco and I think they were popular art movement and still are. I admit to walking past exhibits in the art gallery and thinking they were just part of the fixtures and fittings. The Pharmacist’s Creed by Damien Hirst is a light box. I did notice it, but to be honest I thought it was a sign. I remember thinking that it could be an exhibit, because it was better than the sheep pickled in formaldehyde. A few of his other exhibits look like shelving from Ikea; they belong in the skip. Just sayin’

Artists that can’t take criticism should not exhibit in the Black Country, we can be sure of that!

What do you think? Please have your say in the comments box…

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