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Iconic buildings save us money?

College Fields

Today’s picture was taken last weekend at ‘College Fields’ which is a little housing estate built on the edge of those fields on the site of a former college. The technology college is still there over the other side of those fields, but that’s not the same. That’s for 11 to 16 years olds, not adults; it’s like an High School…

The ‘proper’ college for adults is up West Bromwich. It’s iconic, innit, it has a wave shaped roof. They might be taking over the Public, that’s another ‘iconic’ building in West Bromwich, they want to turn  into a sixth form college. Sandwell College will have two ‘iconic’ buildings then, they can start a collection…

The queen opened an ‘iconic’ building in London this week; the refurbished BBC Broadcasting House. It cost over a billion pounds and so it should be ‘iconic’. That will save the BBC, 736 million though. If they save us any more bloody money, we won’t have to pay  a licence fee at all! It’s a private partnership or initiative, so I suspect and expect that it will be an expensive mistake that we will have to pay for. The new building was said to be ahead of schedule, which seems strange to me. In the year 2000 they said it would be finished by 2008! The BBC also announced previously that they were writing off a 100 million pound computer system. That probably saved us some money too!

Ed Miliband says Labour will cap benefits if they win the next election. That gets them the middle class vote. What next? Tax breaks for the rich? Allow them to donate shares to their favourite charity perhaps? Their favourite charity being the Labour Party.

I answered a question on Yahoo Answers yesterday. I had to list ten most famous people in the world (alive or dead). My list was William Shakespeare, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jesus of Nazareth, Julius Caesar, Marilyn Monroe, Queen Victoria, Marie Curie and Florence Nightingale. I think the list says something about me. I was the only person to include Jesus of Nazareth, but someone did choose John Lennon; perhaps he was right when he said he was more famous than Jesus. I didn’t list any modern day celebrities or politicians. I did have Hitler, but decided he was more infamous than famous. I found it a little difficult to choose woman, but I included more than the others who answered the question. That’s not because I’m sexist, it’s because historians tend to be sexist. Who would be on your list? Please have a go at doing a list in the comments box…

I watched the film ‘Pretty Woman’ on TV last night with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Richard Gere plays a  businessman who gives up his predatory ways to run a proper company and ‘build ships’. There are a lot of predatory business people in the UK, they work as bankers getting multi-million pound bonuses. They work for pay day loans companies ripping off the poor and vulnerable. Some people don’t build anything or even entertain us. They work in politics, finance, public relations, out sourcing, human resources and accountancy. These are the people who make the huge salaries for sitting behind desks and call benefit claimants scroungers. These are the people who were born with the silver spoon and went to private schools and top universities. They had all the advantages and turned out to be obnoxious predators. They could learn something from that film. They have obscene amounts of money and insist on people sucking up to them; but have little respect for the real people. The people who build ships and their bloody Iphones.

I wrote about art all last week. I shall be back to the usual topics this week and have more things planned for my websites through the summer. There will be be more art! I have to do some shopping today, but I’ll be out taking photographs too. It’s very cloudy and so not the ideal weather for it, but that won’t stop me. Heart attacks are still the main cause of death in the UK and so a little exercise on a Sunday could save your life. I don’t see many people while I’m out, most are watching television waiting for that next heart attack…

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box…

5 responses

  1. The upside of everyone being indoors is getting to enjoy the tranquility of the beauty that is all around us Mike! Great post. 🙂

    9, June 2013 at 2:09 pm

    • Hi Jay,

      I go a little nuts staying attached to the computer too long. I went out for a little while today. I was cold and then too hot! I’m venturing over near Bilston next to see if there is anything worth photographing that’s hidden away! 🙂

      9, June 2013 at 3:29 pm

  2. I think i’d struggle to list 10 famous people. It would stick in my throat to list Bible characters who are only famous through brainwashing received when you’re growing up.

    13, June 2013 at 10:41 am

    • Hi Nick,

      I thought of a lot, but some were a little dodgy like Carl Marx and others Brigitte Bardot would have shown my age! I don’t much care about brainwashing any more, we all get brainwashed no matter what we do. I do avoid the major forms though. I don’t watch Jeremy Kyle or read the Sun! How many people thought Jimmy Savile was a nice man 30 years ago? I can think of a few people who are famous now who won’t be so popular in the future.

      13, June 2013 at 3:19 pm

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