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I watched a programme on TV last night about the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. It was all very posh and the artists that were accepted were so privileged and excited. There wasn’t an Ant-and-Dec accent in the house. The Black Country didn’t seem to be represented either…

I’m not really surprised, it costs a tenner to get in. You can get in the Public up West Brom for nothing. They get over 100,000 visitors a year. If they charged a tenner a time that would be over a million quid. They have a Summer Exhibition too, for the people of Sandwell to enter. I always find it a little confusing, they say Sandwell and then mention the West Midlands region.

Sandwell was also in the news this week because people are dying before their time. Sandwell has 346.3 premature deaths per 100,000 people. Walsall isn’t so bad with 308.6. I live in Sandwell, but I go to the Manor hospital in Walsall, which could make a difference. I might make it to my three score years and ten after all…

A think tank has advised the government to give the public shares in Lloyd’s bank and Royal Bank of Scotland. Which they can sell at a profit and keep the profit, but have to pay the government the value of the shares when they were given them. It all sounds too complicated and they also got the number of taxpayers wrong. Taxpayers are people who pay taxes, not people who would pay taxes if they have any money. The price of something depends on supply and demand. Demand can be increased by using advertising. The government used advertising to increase demand for shares in British Gas with a campaign called the ‘Tell Sid’ campaign years ago. It was very successful and people were allowed to pay in instalments. This could work for Lloyds and RBS and get the government a good price and more money in! I own shares in Lloyds and RBS and so I think it’s a bloody great idea! So far I’m making 104% on my investment in Lloyds and over 16% on the RBS shares. I could make even more if the government was sensible! It’s not good giving people things for nothing. Look at what happened when they gave the public free entry to the Public. The bloody place is changing into a sixth form college because it’s losing money… 

I heard a phrase the other day that means you can tell the origin of the words and language by listening to what people say. For example fat policemen use the word robust a lot. So when David Cameron said there would be a robust response to the riots a couple of years ago, we all knew he had been talking to a fat policeman. When people talk about green shoots in the economy we know they have been talking to an idiot from the City of London… That sort of thing. What is that called?

We have too many food outlets in the Black Country. The streets are lined with fast food joints. If it wasn’t for the banks and pay day loan companies, charity shops and pound shops, it would be all food. How can people afford to eat out in such a deprived area? I think the only people that can cook in the Black Country work in fast food, apart from me of course….

Today’s post is about local issues and the North – South divide in the UK. The expansion of the South East economy at the expense of the rest of the country is a problem. In the former Yugoslavia, the economic divisions between North and South eventually led to war. In Britain, it could lead to a break up of the union. It’s time for a little government investment in the North of the country. We need a stock market and investment in Birmingham and then start on other cities like Newcastle. It is the elitism of the South that is causing the economic problems in the UK. The Kingdom is not united; it’s divided.

Over on a Zillion Ideas today, I have a guest post by Fairy Dharawat about improvisation workshops. Why not pop over there and check that out? You can also comment and tell us what you think!


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