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Thrifty ideas for Thursday

The Aldi super-six this week are fun bananas (7), kiwi (6), large vine tomatoes (450g), closed cup mushrooms (350g), oranges (5) and rhubarb (400g). The are all 69p each. Those offers continue until the 19th of June.

We have to keep shopping around to save money. This has been a cold spring where I live and so I expect that my direct debit for my gas and electricity will increase. I have shopped around and I got the cheapest tariff from my supplier. If you haven’t checked your tariff, you could be on the more expensive standard tariff, phone them and ask!


I save money by paying my line rental on my landline 12 months in advance, that saves 5 pounds a month. My mobile isn’t fancy, but it does the job; I can make calls in an emergency. It’s paid for and on a ‘pay as you go’ tariff. It is far cheaper than having a monthly contract on a smart phone. I still manage to blog; I also have  a Facebook profile, a LinkedIn profile and a Twitter feed!


I pay my car insurance annually, because to pay it monthly would mean paying an extra 10%.

Cigarettes and booze

These are the worst habits that waste money. They will also lead to an early death.  I used to smoke and drink so I know it’s hell to give up addictions; but it saves you a fortune. It’s 10 years since I had a cigarette and several months without alcohol.  Neither of these habits make much sense when there are things you can do with the money that will give you more pleasure.

Newspapers and magazines

I bought a newspaper last week to look at the jobs for a friend, but they really belong in the Victorian era now we can get all our news online. I get my news from the BBC, France 24, Reuters and Yahoo. I also get local news before it hits the news stands via Twitter. I checked my lottery numbers on Twitter last night, now they don’t have the draw on TV anymore.


Why pay the bank interest? I have a credit card, debit card, share account and savings accounts with banks. I use the free banking and debit card. If a purchase is over £100 I use the credit card. I never pay interest. I lend money through Zopa and that pays me about 4.5% interest. That makes me a lot better off.


I drive slower and a lot more smoothly than I used to. I’m only briefly in first and second gear, although on my car they are quite low. At one time, first gear was for getting the car moving, now it’s second gear too. I often stay in third when I would have changed to second to go around a roundabout years ago. Fifth gear is my preferred gear because I know it uses a lot less fuel. I think ahead, I don’t brake at the last moment. If the traffic lights are on red, take your foot off the accelerator and save fuel.

Surplus income

Surplus income is what’s left over when you’ve paid for the essentials like water, food, energy, telecoms and housing. You can choose to own a car or walk. You can choose to spend today or invest for the future. I have invested for the future and now I have even more choices and financial freedom. I also have fewer worries about money. I can take bigger risks with investments for bigger rewards.

What do you think, do you have enough surplus income or do you need to be more thrifty and frugal?


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