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How to sell – just about anything

Large companies know how to sell, they have whole marketing departments dedicated to selling their products and services. They have all kinds of devices and tricks to make us part with our money. We can use some of those tricks to sell stuff too! It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling crafts or your used car.

Imagine you’re trying to sell your crafts or maybe you are an artist trying to sell your pictures. The first thing you need to do is convince people that your pictures are great. You have to make an effort to make them look great. That means being quite dedicated to doing them, but also making them look professional by framing them. Then comes the promotion. The pictures look good, but how about you? You also have to look good, you are like the shop front and people don’t go in run down shops to buy art. So you make your product or service look good and make yourself look good too. You might also need to make where you are selling from look good too. This could be your home, a shop, a market stall or a stall on a car boot sale. Make it look good and use some branding.


You need people to believe in what you’re selling and believe in you. People tend to be more willing to buy from people they like, so try to be friendly and talk to potential customers. Make an impression and then even if you don’t make a sale they will go home and talk about you; that’s free publicity. If you believe in yourself and your product or service, then people will believe in you. Our body language tends to give away whether we are telling the truth or not and so it’s far better to believe in your product when you are telling others how good it is.

Advertise and publicise

Advertising costs money and publicity takes time, but if you have time to spare, then talk to people attract attention and publicise. Advertising costs money, but need not cost a fortune. Think about simple advertising like cards pinned to notice boards, comments on Facebook, even tweets telling people what you do. This advertising can even be free. Be repetitive, repetitive advertising sticks in the mind and it works. Use association, associate what you’re selling with a product that has a lot of advertising. If you’re selling a used car then mention the brand a lot and look at the way that brand is usually advertised. Be careful about the words that you use, used sounds better than second hand.

Be Creative

Be creative and different to attract attention. If you have a market stall or a stall on a car boot sale, make it stand out; make it different from the rest. Offer your customers more than just products, offer them an experience, offer them friendship. Make stopping at your stall a pleasant or even an exciting experience.

It’s not just products that sell, but services too. People need their homes decorated, their gardens looked after and their cars cleaned. Can you think of a service that they might like that isn’t available in your community? That could be the service to provide.

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