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Setting priorities

Bradley 022

I’m hoping to go out and take a few photos this weekend if the rain stops. Everything in my garden is growing fast and it’s the same with parks and nature reserves. They are all getting a little overgrown. How important are these facilities to the public. Should we spend lots of money keeping them maintained?

It’s just nature isn’t it? I’ll catch up with my gardening eventually and it’s a bit wet to be mowing the lawn anyway. It’s the same with the councils, they have to economise and so there is no point in worrying about the grass being a bit long. It’s not the end of the world is it? Birmingham City Council is considering privatising or closing down leisure centres. Is that the end of the world? I don’t think so. We used to have swimming baths, now people  expect a gym, Olympic size pool and bloody Zumba dancing. I think that can be privatised, it’s not as essential as having a roof over your head, food to eat or a good hospital down the road is it? Politicians do need to get their priorities right. It’s all very well wanting multicultural Zumba dancing in 12 different languages. But how much will it cost?

I wrote a few blogs this week:

How to sell just about anything was yesterday’s post. People are having a go now on car boot sales and getting rid of their unwanted possessions. Minimalism is becoming popular, no ornaments or pot plants please…

Thrifty ideas for Thursday was about saving a few quid. If you can make a few quid on a car boot and save money on your shopping, you can save for a little luxury in your life…

Art ‘n’ stuff was my mid week ramble. It wasn’t just about art, but I have had art on my mind a lot lately. It must have been going to the art gallery to review that art exhibition…

Neodigital Art | Guest pictures and edits was Tuesday’s usual art and photography post. 

Psychology | We all want to be happy was Monday’s post. I’m quite happy being miserable, especially this weather!

Iconic buildings save us money? was Sunday’s post.  I remember the council saying they planned to ‘spend money to save money’. One idea was to put a bloody great windmill in a nature reserve. Remember when council house rents were 30 bob a week. That was before the concept of ‘economic rents’. People on council estates had a rent book, paid their rent and it included water, sewage and council rates. Now they can’t afford to live and we have housing benefit and tax credits. Housing benefit subsidises private landlords and tax credits miserable gits who won’t pay  a living wage. The government effectively pays for private landlords and low pay employers to have luxury foreign holidays and luxury cars.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble.. Please comment and share your thoughts… 

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