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Thrifty Thursday bargain hunt

The Aldi super-six this week are grapes (snack pack 150g), garlic (4), iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes (250g), cucumber and Jersey Royal potatoes (450g). They are all 49p each and the offer lasts until the 3rd of July.

I might have a lettuce this week. Lots of people are starting diets now and it’s a good time to make delicious salads with the start of summer tomorrow. You can use Icelandic prawns, chicken drumsticks, sardines, salmon, ham or hard boiled eggs to make a nice salad. That will help you lose those extra pounds that you piled on through the winter.  You can get a bit more exercise now the weather is getting better too. A walk in the park is a good place to start with an exercise program, but you could also try some sport.

Today’s special buys at Aldi include a lawnmower and some other gardening stuff. Getting out in the garden is good exercise. On Sunday the special buys include tennis and badminton sets. You could set that badminton set up on the lawn and that would wear the kids out too! It is a set for four people and so fun for the whole family for 9.99. If you help your kids control their weight and diet while they’re young, it will give them a good start as adults. Then you can give them a fresh salad with fruit and ice cream for tea. Aldi also has strawberry dessert sauce to drizzle over your summer ice creams…

I still haven’t been to Matalan to get my summer shirts. I want linen shirts and I might even have that linen hat! I wore a shirt yesterday and it was a little tight, I’ll need a larger size. That’s another reason to buy a lettuce and eat a few salads!

Many people will be thinking about barbecues now we have the longest days of the year in the next few days. It will stay light until after 9:30 pm here in the UK, so if the weather is good this weekend, many people will have the barbecues out. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune. If you have to have drinks; why not make sangria with a bottle or two of cheap red wine and some cheap fruit? You can do baked potatoes or chips to go with the food and that will fill up hungry guests. Potatoes are a little expensive now, but frozen chips are still reasonable.

If you can’t afford a barbecue for family and friends, then a picnic outside is a great alternative. You can go to a park or nature reserve, whichever is nearest. You don’t need to go too far, nice scenery is nice, but good company is better.

I noticed some seeds in Aldi last week. I didn’t get a good look, because they were by the checkout. It’s not too late to grow salad in the garden or in tubs. That would save a few pounds through the summer. It’s been a cold Spring where I live so it’s been difficult to start some plants off.

Do you have some money saving ideas? Please share your thoughts in the comments box.

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