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Should there be a maximum wage?

I saw a video the other day of the CEO of a health service trust who dressed up as superman to do some exercise with his staff. He looked like he needed the exercise, but also looked really stupid. It hardly inspires people with confidence and he earns £175,000 a year!

The minimum age is a around 6.21 an hour. Should the CEO of a council earn ten times as much? That’s about what the CEO of my council earns, over £70 an hour. That’s nearly as much as some people get in Job Seekers Allowance. That CEO of that health service trust does a little better than that though.

They don’t work long hours though do they and they have longer holidays. Not quite as long as teachers and headmasters. They aren’t headmasters now though are they; they too are often chief executives now they’re running academies with salaries and pensions to match.

The CEO of the National lottery earns a million a year. She isn’t exactly a public employee, but it is our money that’s paying her. She can go out and buy a small car out of her wages. Every week!

How about people at the BBC, they earn good money too. They have to be competitive though don’t they? They have to attract the right people… People like Jimmy Savile and Co…

I came across a Facebook page for members at BCPFT. That is the Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. I’m surprised it’s not the BCPNHSFT! Have you ever wondered how much the people who sit around tables thinking up these acronyms and names get paid? They usually get more than £6.21 a hour…

Judges are well paid too and get extraordinarily good pensions. Members of the civil service also sit in offices doing things that aren’t really obvious to us mere mortals, like collecting in a wide range of taxes. Those that aren’t collecting them are spending them on speed humps and roundabouts. There are people in job centres who are supposed to help people get jobs. There are people sitting in offices organising things, while the people actually doing the work, the fire fighters and police officers seem more scarce every day. Those carers who look after the old and vulnerable are being replaced by ‘technology’ that is in turn monitored by people sitting in offices.

What do you think are all these people ‘worth it’? Please share your thoughts in the comments box.  Imagine getting paid over £100 an hour for dressing as superman and prattin’ about…


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