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Black Country art and history.


Today’s photo was taken yesterday with my new Nikon camera in Wednesbury. Today we have a meeting in the Brunswick park of the local history group. There is also the Walsall Arts Fest at White Lion in Walsall. The weather isn’t looking too good yet though. I’ll try to go. I think the Arts Fest could attract a crowd.

On the subject of art, we also have a arts group in the Black Country on Facebook. Artists and people interesting in art are welcome to join.

Should there be a maximum wage? was yesterday’s post. I think there is a case for a maximum salary of £100,000 for public employees.

Thrifty Thursday bargain hunt was Thursday’s post about looking for bargains. I think I’ll go to Matalan this week to get my linen shirts. I have a voucher for £10 off when I spend £40, so that’s a good saving.

Neodigital Art | Artistic Editing was my ever popular Tuesday art and photography post.  I hope to do something even more interesting this week now I have my new Nikon. Maybe a review of the camera?

Psychology | Creativity and blogging  was the usual Monday post. The nature of creativity is always fascinating.

Sunday thoughts was my usual Sunday ramble about whatever is on my mind at the time.  I’ll be back with one of those tomorrow. I might have a story to tell about that meet up in the park. I won’t call it a party in the park or anything or they’ll be closing the road off and we’ll have to have emergency services in attendance.

That’s it for today. This must be the fastest blog post I’ve ever written, it took 20 minutes including doing the links!

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