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Sunday thoughts of beans and things…


I’ve made the copyright notice on today’s photo larger, just so you know! I wandered around Brunswick Park in Wednesbury yesterday afternoon taking photos. It’s a traditional Victorian park, planned out and beautifully planted.

The copyright notice means do not copy without permission of course. I am likely to give permission if you have a blog and you want to use one of my photos, as long as you give a credit underneath and a link back to my website.

There are some good additions in the park like the benches at the back where people can have picnics, but I’m not keen on the keep fit equipment or the skateboard thing. These days people like to have snacks out at Greggs or coffee at Starbucks or Costa. When I was a kid they had tea in the pavilion in the park or sat outside watching the bowls. That was traditional, but the pavilion and the toilets are long gone.

I think they were having a fun day in Wednesbury the other day, I saw a bouncy castle as I drove past. The traffic was a bit heavy so I couldn’t really see what was going on. The traffic gets worse, with a constantly rising population. More and more people come here and we have to keep expanding schools to cope and there are never enough jobs. Come the Bank Holiday, Ikea and Halfords will have sales and the roads will be chaotic. In Victorian times they had sales after Christmas when it was quiet. Now they think there might be a few people about and the sale signs go up and the cheap crap goes on the shelves.

There is a ‘super moon’ this weekend. The proper name for this is a perigee and is said to be a optical illusion. One astronomer said it looks normal if you look at it bent over looking between your legs.   If she bent over and looked between her legs, it probably wasn’t the moon she saw… Pythagoras, the mathematician who had a fear of beans said you could see a message on the moon written in blood if you look at it in a mirror. I suppose if you bend down and hold a mirror between your legs and look at the moon in the mirror, you might become a little inclined to avoid beans after that…

They are closing the town centre in Bristol today for a ‘car free Sunday’. I don’t know if this is a good idea. If you put speed humps on one road all the traffic goes on another road. I suspect the roads around Bristol will be busy as drivers drive around the city centre. They won’t get to shops in the city centre so they will go on another day causing traffic chaos. Nice idea Mr Mayor, but we think you could be a tosser like most politicians….

In the early hours of yesterday morning the Corn Flakes factory set fire in Manchester. The factory was built in 1937 and was 75 years old this year. I wonder if they will do centenary boxes of Corn Flakes in 2037? Remember those free gifts, we used to get in boxes of cereals? Do they still do that? I think Corn Flakes are expensive now; but then, I think everything is expensive…

I had a weird dream the other night. I dreamt that Ed Miliband was going to scrap plans for HS2 and build more council homes. Then I woke up to a nightmare…

What do you think? Please share you thoughts in the comments box…


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  1. I once took a diversion through Bristol. I’d tried to escape motorway congestion and ended up with an extra two hours on my journey. Bristol … I was looking for a short cut, not a car park.

    23, June 2013 at 5:59 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I think everything crazy. Just heard a banger went off outside a mosque in Caldmore Friday night and caused panic! 🙂 You can’t make it up…

      23, June 2013 at 10:22 pm

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