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It is Monday, it must be psychology

I’ve been fascinated by psychology for many years and that’s the subject of my usual Monday blog post. I’ve been posting on WordPress and on A Zillion Ideas too; but that seems to be a waste. My WordPress blog has more subscribers though, so what can I do? I’ve decided to change it!

The reason for this change? I have a new camera! I’ll be trying to put low resolution pictures on WordPress and doing posts with high resolution pictures on A Zillion Ideas. This will help protect copyright and maybe more people will subscribe to my newer site. It does have a name that is much easier to remember.

So today, I have posted my psychology post about the subconscious mind to A Zillion Ideas; you can click that link to read it. The subconscious is fascinating, it helps us to virtually automate our lives and do things like drive a car without consciously thinking about it.  It also judges our behaviour and makes us feel guilty if we do something wrong. It is like God, living inside us.

Tomorrow, on A Zillion Ideas, it will be photography and some pictures I took using my new Nikon D3200.

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