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Thrifty summer ideas.

I’ve been to Matalan this week and bought a few summer clothes. The weather seems to be improving in England. I was actually able to take a shower last night without putting the heating on. It was a cold Spring though, we even had snow!

Our heating bills will be expensive and so we have to shop around for things. Discount stores like Aldi and Lidl help, but not everyone lives close enough to a discount store. They don’t always stock everything that you want either. Matalan is good for clothes, but they move stuff around so you can’t find things and they try to be a little too trendy. They have young buyers and so they buy the trendy stuff, but it’s baby boomers like me who wander around with money to spend.

The Matalan I went to the other day in Walsall has a market close by that attracts a crowd on a Sunday. It’s more like a big car boot and sells a variety of things. I like car boots and markets, you can find bargains. It’s like Poundland though, you always seem to spend more than you planned to! I try to stay away from too much temptation!

I bought my new camera from Digitalrev. They’re based in Hong Kong and the camera was sent from there, but I could track it all the way and so knew when it would be delivered. I knew prices were dropping, but missed out on the latest price drop, it’s 20 pound cheaper today. If you’re buying a Nikon camera, you might like to wait a little longer, the prices will probably drop a little more. They are changing the offers on the cameras and the Yen is depreciating making them cheaper too.

I put the camera on my credit card so the purchase is protected by consumer protection law. I’ll pay that off next month. I don’t pay interest to credit card companies or banks. You can’t eat interest or run your car on it. Can you?

I have a thrifty post on a zillion ideas today too, with news about offers at Aldi and more thrifty ideas. Why not pop over there and read that? You can also follow me on Twitter. Why now share you vires in the comments box. 

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  1. How do the Hong Kong camera prices compare against UK dealers Mike ?

    I was going to replace my Sony compact, but decided to make the effort to
    properly learn how to use it and wait for a couple of years.


    29, June 2013 at 1:42 pm

    • Hi Mac,

      You don’t save a lot, about £40 which is enough for a card and case. The warranty seemed good though. Anything goes wrong and they send a curior for the camera. I think cheaper camera have problems with definition and contrast, but the contrast you can fix with editing. They are fine for most things. I took some great shots today of flowers in the garden and the definition really is good.

      Thanks for the comment.

      30, June 2013 at 12:33 am

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