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Finance Friday | What is wealth?

Where does wealth come from? What is wealth? Most people think of wealth as money, but what can the money buy? It buys goods and it buys services. The goods are made out of raw materials that are mostly found on earth, the planet we live on. The petrol we put in our cars comes form oil from the earth.

Do the fruits of the earth that we live on, belong to us all equally or are some people more equal than others? Should some people be allowed to consume huge amounts of the earth’s resources while others are denied virtually any? The more of the earth’s resources that we consume, the worse the environment gets. No matter how we deny it, our climate is changing and it’s not getting better. Do we need to think seriously about this and begin to look for sustainability rather than growth? Should we make clothes more hard wearing so they last longer and forget looking quite so fashionable? We have made cars better and more reliable. Should we now set strict standards and ban the super cars that are really environmentally unfriendly. Is it time to ban motor sport? Is it time to make our computers last as long as the cars that we drive and as reliable? Is it time to build homes and hospitals to last 100 years rather than the current trend to make them last only 30 or 40 years? Should we be looking to pass down wealth in the form of a good infrastructure and decent buildings to the next generation and the generation after that?

Do we need new ideas to make a better world and a fairer world? Can we work closer to our homes and travel less? Can the overseas holiday be the holiday of a lifetime, rather than a annual event? Can we produce more wealth, products and services that people want without using more resources?

Which do you think is more environmentally friendly? Spending £100 on petrol for a trip, the same amount on air travel or the same amount of money on plants to make your garden beautiful?

What do you think? You can share your thoughts in the comments box. Today’s post on a zillion ideas was about making society fairer. There are lots more posts to choose from. Why not pop over there and check them out? You can also follow me on Twitter.


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