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That Monday morning feeling


I have that Monday morning feeling. Thankfully, I don’t have to drive through traffic and commute. That has been identified as being stressful and a major contributor to people feeling unhappy. People don’t really have high expectations though. Do they? They expect to be unhappy or even miserable.

I’m finding the weather is a source of my unhappiness. It was nice yesterday, but it looks like we are about to go back to rain. I think it could be worse. Many places have it too hot. My friends in parts of America have their air conditioning turned up and it’s still too hot. They are experiencing the same sort of thing in parts of China. They had it too hot in the daytime and too cold at night. I always find that quite strange. When it’s hot here, it’s usually hot at night too. I had to put my heating on for an hour the other night, just to take a shower. I’m grateful, if it’s a little warm in the evening.

It seems that the energy companies are complaining that they had to pay high prices for extra for energy in March because demand was so high in the UK. That wiped out all those profits they made through the winter and so they’ll need to put up prices again. Do you believe that? Me neither…

I don’t usually have cornflakes for breakfast, but I thought I’d try the ‘sunshine breakfast’ this morning. It hasn’t helped. I think they’re a waste of money really, I prefer my boiled eggs. I bought some soya milk yesterday, I don’t usually have any and the supermarket seems to run out of it a lot. Anyway, I had some cornflakes and the soya, so I thought.. Why not? I’ll be drinking orange juice next…

I might do a bit of gardening today. It’s not due to rain until tomorrow, so I could have a go at the long grass under the apple trees. I need a spurt of energy so I can start the two stroke engine on the strimmer. It’s great once it’s going, but getting it started can be a challenge. Everything’s a challenge these days. This is modern thinking. Don’t think negatively. View all life’s problems as challenges to overcome. I started using my bowel cancer testing kit this morning. It’s hard to think positively about that, but it is a challenge…  I don’t think you want to know how it works. There are times when too much information is inappropriate. You’ll find out when you’re older, so I’ll leave that as one of those challenges, you have to look forward to.

Life can be like a bowel cancer testing kit sample sometimes, especially on a Monday morning. I’m trying to decide on something to have for  lunch. I don’t really fancy anything after those cornflakes.

At least now it’s gone cooler, all the flies have gone. I bought one of those electric fly killer things yesterday. The type with the blue light that attracts them and then fries the flies with a sizzling sound and a cooked fly smell… They usually get trapped inside the fluorescent fitting in the kitchen and die of exhaustion or starvation, so electrocution could be a more humane way of disposing of them… Do flies feel pain? Who knows?

That’s it, it’s after 12 now. Monday morning is over. How time flies when you’re having fun… Some bloggers have  problems writing a post once a week. This is my second one today. You can read today’s psychology post over on a zillion ideas. You can also comment here or there; subscribe to either blog. Follow me on Twitter or even write a post yourself and send it in for publication on a zillion ideas.

4 responses

  1. Hi Mike. The weather is perfect here, sorry. Not too hot, and not too cold. The sun is shining and I think I’m going for a walk. I don’t indulge every day – but it’s a shame to miss this because I can’t walk when it’s too hot – and don’t like to walk when it’s raining 🙂 Hope you day got better

    1, July 2013 at 3:04 pm

    • Hi Myfanwy,

      It’s not too bad here. I’m feeling my age today! I think I’ll go out in the evening, after the rush hour has finished. It looks stormy now, but it was quite windy yesterday. I think it rained up north and so I might be in the middle, in between the good weather down south and the rain up north!

      Thanks for visiting.

      1, July 2013 at 4:43 pm

      • My husband is in the north today – hope the rain isn’t too heavy…..

        Enjoy the evening.

        1, July 2013 at 5:20 pm

    • The winds dropped tonight, so it might be better up north.

      1, July 2013 at 11:16 pm

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