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Keeping cool in summer


The weather improved over the weekend in the UK and after a cold winter that followed a wet summer last year; we finally have sunshine. We’re not used to it and so some people will complain. The pollen count is high too, so there will be people with asthma suffering and others sneezing.

People are out in their gardens using hover mowers. They have doors and windows open for more’ fresh air’ and noise is becoming a problem. Some stupid people love to have loud music on this weather. They drive with windows open and stereo up full volume. I think they are trying to send a message out to the world. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, but I think they are bloody morons. I do listen to music in the car, not now though; the stereo packed up yesterday.

We have to try to keep cool  and comfortable. Nature provides us with an automatic cooling system, we sweat, the evaporation cools us. Simple! We can wipe the sweat off sometimes to aid more cooling and we can wash it off by taking a shower. A fan will also aid faster evaporation and blow the heated air away from our skin.

When I go to hospital, I sometimes have to have a blood test and they complain my blood is ‘too thick’. This is because I haven’t drank enough fluids. More fluids thin the blood. This is important to cooling, perhaps the most important thing. Water is obviously important, but there are lots of options. Carbonated drinks are fine when it’s a little warm, but plain water and still drinks are better when it gets really hot. Try to drink some fruit juice too.

Some foods are classed as cooling foods. The most cooling foods are said to be melon and cucumber. Most foods with a high moisture content are cooling. People eat salads in summer, that are based on lettuce and tomatoes, these are cooling foods that are also very healthy. Foods like grapes are not only cooling, but will replace potassium.  Lemons are used to make traditional lemonade and are high vitamin C and that type of lemonade is far more effective than the carbonated kind that you buy. When it’s very warm, avoid carbonated drinks, they make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Few people in the UK have air conditioning, except in their cars and so open upstairs windows. As the warm air rises through the home, a gentle cooling breeze will help you stay cool. You can also close curtains to keep out the direct rays from the sun. Light coloured curtains are best in summer, they reflect the light. I do have dark curtains in my bedroom to keep out the early morning light. Fans will also help you keep cool and some people have a fan fitted in the ceiling upstairs to remove warm air to the loft space and cool the whole house. Those fans are quite large and specially designed and fitted.

You might also want to lose a little weight when the weather is this warm, that layer of fat will keep you warm in winter, but it’s not so useful this weather. Low fat salads with a few new potatoes are better than barbecued food with chips! If you are doing barbecued food, remember that many burgers are high fat. Do chicken drumsticks, kebabs and salad.

If you have a big freezer, make ice cubes and those freezer packs that go in cool boxes have a few uses. Put a freezer pack in your bed to cool it at night! I understand some people even put bed sheets in fridges and freezers!

Remember too to protect yourself from the sun. Skin cancer is definitely not cool.

Do you have any cool tips? Please share your ideas in the comments box. My usual Monday psychology post can be found on a Zillion Ideas today. Why not subscribe to that site? You can also follow me on Twitter. I’m quite cool this morning, the sun’s in the east and I’m in the kitchen on the west side of the house; nicely shaded.

3 responses

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  2. I dread to think of the weight I’ve put on through drinking red coke.

    18, July 2013 at 1:22 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I keep eating fruit. I’ve had a peach, grapes and a banana today and lots of blackcurrant juice! My garden’s looking better, but far from finished. It’s too hot to do it in the afternoon… It makes a change to have a summer though! 🙂

      18, July 2013 at 2:05 pm

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