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Black Country Art


I like photographing derelict buildings and Victorian buildings. This is in red and blue brick and is a pump house on the canal in Tipton. The half marathon ran past here on Saturday. It seems a shame to let it decay like this.


I took this from the bridge. I’m curious about the tow path, I didn’t think it ran under the bridge. Last time I was there, narrow boats were going through the locks. As you can see, it was very warm and sunny on Sunday.


This pub has a few benches at the back that overlook the canal. The sun was very bright and there were lots of shadows on Sunday. It made judging the light difficult. 


This is a shot of the Barge and Barrel. I was going to photograph Mad O’Rouke’s Pie Factory down the road, but I forgot. Maybe next time…

I also photographed a pump station on the canal and a narrow boat. I used those for my artistic edits and you can see those over on a Zillion Ideas.

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4 responses

  1. Edward Hunt

    The building is a gauging station, not a pumphouse. Where the boats working on the BCN were gauged, or tested so they could work out how much load it was carrying. This is on only one left and Sandwell Council do not seem to care.

    Eddie Hunt

    11, July 2013 at 9:04 am

    • Hi Eddie,

      Thanks for the information. Who would own it? I thought it would be the new Canal & River Trust that was responsible. It is certainly a building worth saving if we can. Some repair work has been done, but not very well. The blue bricks are quite rare now. I only ever see them on the canals. I’ll have to do some research now, so I know what a gauging station is!

      Thanks again…

      11, July 2013 at 10:40 am

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