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Its carnival time!


The carnival is on in the park on Saturday (13th July). It’s a beautiful park and we have beautiful weather this year too. Brunswick Park is a Victorian park and close to Junction 9 of the M6, not that we want outsiders coming. It’s unfortunate that the car park isn’t open or bigger for that matter.

The council is very big on equality for the disabled until it comes to access to the park for disabled drivers. Another town that is neglected and only a mile away from Wednesbury is Darlaston. Where the railway used to be is now Victoria Park and there is a ‘Party in the Park’ there on Saturday too.

Gardens are important in England and so many people are out now mowing their lawns and organising barbecues for friends and family. Last year was a washout with all the rain, so carnivals and other events were cancelled. Not many people were able to enjoy their gardens either, so we’re making up for it this year.

I shall be going to the carnival on Saturday and might even be having a barbecue in my garden! So enjoy the great weather this summer. Today’s post is a little short, but you can read my other post on a zillion ideas. That is about how to start your own blog. There’s lot’s more to read on there too. Please share your thoughts in the comments box or you can follow me on Twitter.

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