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Thrifty Thursday bargain ideas.

This weeks super-six at Aldi are Kiwis (6), peaches (4/5), Galia melon, Romaine lettuce (2), tomatoes (6) and new potatoes (750g). They are all 69p each. That’s the same as last week and lasts until the 17th July.

We all need more to drink this weather and the spring water is a reasonable price at Aldi. I have the fizzy one and mix it with High Juice blackcurrant juice.

The Thursday special buys include lots of cooking equipment and even riding gloves and yard boots this week.

On Sunday, the special buys include cleaning equipment and some tools too.

I bought a bag of charcoal briquettes (2.99) for the barbecue on Sunday. I think I might need to get another bag today.  I bought sausages and chicken drumsticks for the barbecue, but the only burgers I saw were 1/4 pound lamb burgers. I’m thinking of having a barbecue for friends on Sunday and so I’ll need some bread and onions. My friends will eat whatever I cook. No beef burgers then!

I bought a pack of ham trimmings for 1.75 and they were nice. It’s lean ham and great for a salad. It taste a little smoked, but not too strong.

I’ll be wearing my new linen shirt today today that I bought from Matalan. I might even wear the hat! They have a lot of home ware on offer now with their Home Event. I didn’t see anything to get excited about. I want some more china mugs from Matalan and I need to get a leather belt too.  I forgot that last time, because they moved everything around again. They think that makes us buy more… No, it makes me buy less…

Asda Direct is good for some things. I might even get my leather belt from an Asda superstore, that was where my last one was bought. It didn’t last long…

Have you seen any bargains? I had a few bargains from the local market and bought gardening gloves in a small shop. Please shares your ideas and thoughts in the comments box. There are more blog posts over on a zillion ideas.


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