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Carnival Time!


It was carnival time in the park yesterday! I went to Brunswick Park to photograph the event. I didn’t see any other photographers, but I know there was another one. The Express and Star had a small stand selling newspapers. They used to have a big truck and photographers covering the event.

A lot of newspapers are struggling with competition from websites and a whole new era of information delivery. We have to change with the times. Lots of small businesses and charities were at the carnival promoting themselves. I became aware of businesses and charities that I wasn’t aware of before.


Claire the Cake Lady was there showing off her wares. These days it’s all about promotion in business and this is how to do it. Claire also has a Facebook page promoting her business. I can’t eat cakes because I’m a coeliac, but they looked delicious…


I promised the guys at Wednesbury Garden Services a mention, they have a Facebook page too.


People were also enjoying the funfair and the beautiful weather. It was an enjoyable afternoon. This morning I talked to someone in the Philippines on Facebook who saw my photographs on Facebook last night and they want to come and join in the fun too. I get comments on my photos from around the world. Wednesbury isn’t a bad place to be on a nice day. Is it?

Please comment and you can also read my blog posts over on a zillion ideas too. My usual Sunday ramble should be on there later! You can also follow me on Twitter. Enjoy the great weather! Check out the YamYam for more local news.

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