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Monday sunshine


It’s Monday and I’m not really a Monday morning person. It’s lunchtime though. I spent the morning putting things in the washer, cleaning the bathroom and writing my usual Monday psychology blog post. You can click that link to read that on a zillion ideas. I went to the carnival on Saturday as you can see.

Many bloggers write about their lives and so do I sometimes, mainly on Sundays. I do like to write factual posts and opinion though. I even reviewed an art exhibition not long ago. Many of my readers are bloggers and so I thought I would describe how I manage to write at least one post every day. Actually, it’s two today!

I do have a little inspiration. I get out and take photos. Tomorrow, I’ll be writing about photography and using my images from the carnival to explain how I set my camera for those shots. Besides inspiration, you also need some experience so you can write well and write quickly. After writing over 1,000 posts. I think I’m getting the hang of it!

You don’t have to write constantly. I take breaks for morning tea, lunch, chatting on Skype, loading the washing machine and  going to the bathroom! I even sprayed the weeds with weed killer in between writing blogs today. I’m writing this in the kitchen, while drinking tea with the door to the garden open. A huge bloody bumble bee just came in to disrupt me. He flew out again, thankfully.

They say creative people have a mind that works differently. We are more likely to be dyslexic for example. I type words backwards and letters the wrong way around! We also dig deep into our minds for ideas and often come up empty. It’s a bit like fishing, you don’t catch something every time,  but you keep going back to your favourite spot and keep trying. I just had a dig into my mind and came up with Leonardo da Vinci. They say he might have been dyslexic. He was certainly left handed, judging from his writing that sloped to the left. He was quite a prolific writer and artist.

That brings me neatly on to art. I did have a request to review an art exhibition at Walsall Art gallery this year. I am interested in art and if you search Google for Neodigital Art you will find my efforts to do something artistic with digital images.

It helps to have a variety of interests. I also write about thrifty and frugal living. I have written posts about investing too. I don’t give an opinion on  shares on the stock market that I don’t own. I put my money where my mouth is. I buy the shares and then write a post about it! I have checked the stock market today; I’m having a good day. It’s a nice start to the week.

I read the news a lot too and have emails from news services. I read the Guardian web site, the Financial Times, Huff Post, Reuters, Yahoo and many others. I often write  comment on the news and on the economy. I do research and at the moment have four notebooks close by and some notes in notepad on the computer open. My notes are for Wednesday’s and Friday’s posts, to remind me what to write and about links I’ve saved to access research.

I’ve just had  an email  from the HuffPost featuring a photo of a banana and a link to an article called ‘And the Average Size Penis Is’. The photo of the banana was from Getty images. For the prices they charge, I could have got them a picture of a real banana! It seems the average penis size is smaller than a banana anyway. More the size of a gherkin… That photo would have been harder to do. I suppose that’s why they have a picture of a plastic banana. Do they make plastic gherkins? I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not going there…

I also write comedy sometimes. Please have your say in the comments box and you can also follow me on Twitter. I want to go out now. But where? I have my doctor’s appointment in  2hours 50 minutes. I need to make a list of symptoms…


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