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Wednesbury carnival photographs


I went to Wednesbury carnival on Saturday. I took quite a lot of photographs and met up with family members. I think local events are important for community spirit and they benefit the local economy. There were other events around the Black Country at other parks.

Darlaston had an event in Victoria Park, Wolverhampton had an event all weekend in West Park and over at Walsall there was a music event in the Arboretum on Sunday. The Manor House and Oak House in West Bromwich also had events over the weekend.

My impression at the carnival was that people weren’t spending a lot of money. I felt guilty for not supporting the charities there and so bought some tickets for a tombola that supported the friends of the park. There isn’t much money around in the Black Country, because it all goes down to south east these days. They don’t produce wealth like we used to in the Black Country of course. They run banking, Ponzi schemes and ‘run’ the country. I wouldn’t trust any of them to organise a party in Banks’ brewery…

It seems that few people can afford to rent or buy a house in the south east. We had a novel idea when there was a housing shortage years ago, we built council houses. Mostly 3 bed semis for families to live in. When I say 3 bed semis, I actually mean 2 bedrooms and a tax free box room…  Let’s have another photo…


The carnival was a fun day out for people, but could have been better supported by local businesses. Most local businesses are now multinationals though. They take, but they don’t give a lot back.

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