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Walsall on the telly

Last Friday, I upset a reader with my post about the benefit system. That programme was on TV again last night. I thought it didn’t do justice to anyone involved. Most of them seemed to be playing to the camera. The media studies graduate was trying work as a carer. Why not pair him up with a television or radio presenter? That was what he has a degree in.

No, the programme was trying to prove a point. The point being you should be a grateful servant in Tory Britain. Accept any job, no matter how crappy or low paid. I think that guy did learn something. Maybe the viewers did too. Carers deserve more pay; MP’s deserve less. Give the MP’s a 1% pay rise and the carers, the 10% pay rise.

This week, I’m trying to relax and avoid stress for health reasons. I just noticed that my pulse went up when I used the word Tory and so I stopped for a moment, made a cup of tea and got some biscuits. I think I can continue now and mention the programme about landlords…

A local property tycoon, who owns J9 accommodation was featured on that programme. He is a self-made millionaire and the value his property portfolio could double over the next ten years. He is a self-made multi-millionaire taking advantage of the governments cheap mortgage policy to borrow at competitive interest rates to buy traditional properties. Like the Three Horse Shoes pub in Darlaston which he converted them into bedsits for the most vulnerable in society. What a nice man… Didn’t he have a nice dog? I thought it was a shame they didn’t feature his employees. I live near Darlo, in fact I pass by the Three Horse Shoes, sometimes. It’s in a nice part of town, just around the corner from Asda and the library. Anyway, I’m told some of the employees at J9 accommodation who collect rents and so on, are right characters. What a shame they weren’t featured. In case you aren’t familiar with Walsall and Darlaston, they are very popular places to live. People come from all over the world to live in Walsall. They even set up their own mosques. There’s a mosque just down the road from the Three Horse Shoes. Thankfully, that escaped the recent bomb threats. You might have seen some of my photos  of Walsall and Darlo. In fact, there is a art exhibition on in Darlo library at the moment. Darlo is very cultural, they have crayons on special offer in Asda… I might pop up Darlo later and watch the (traffic) lights change…

Anyway, on a zillion Ideas today, my post is about the housing market and how supply and demand created a bubble. Demand is still high, of course and prices might well double over the next ten years. So if you can get a cheap mortgage, it’s still worth getting into the buy to let market. I’ve seen cheap 3 bedroom houses for sale now for less than 100K. Rent the 3 bedrooms and the reception room out for 70 pounds a week with benefits covering that. Then charge them a bit extra to use the kitchen and toilet and you could make a fortune.

What do you think? Please have your say in the comment box.

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