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Surviving the heat wave


We don’t cope with extreme weather very well in the UK. The country will come to a standstill if it snows and emergency departments in hospitals struggle if the weather is anything but the usual overcast skies and intermittent rain. We get depressed in winter and heat stroke in summer!

Try to stay cool and look after yourself during this warmer than usual weather. In a severe heat wave you may get dehydrated and your body may overheat, leading to heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Both need urgent treatment. The symptoms of heat exhaustion include headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, muscle weakness or cramps, pale skin, and a high temperature. You should move somewhere cool and drink plenty of water or fruit juice. If you can, take a lukewarm shower, or sponge yourself down with cold water.

Yesterday’s blog post was Walsall on the telly. That was difficult to write. I didn’t want to get sued for libel! Walsall and Darlo are amazing places, just like Sandwell… I’m constantly amazed…

Thrifty Thursday | financial survival was Thursday’s thrifty post. It’s amazing how much money you can save if you shop around and watch the pennies. My credit card bill came this week and I had 4 weeks to pay it off. I paid it this week. Life is so much easier if you’re ahead with your finances, rather than behind and in debt.

Wednesbury carnival photographs was Tuesday’s post. There are more photos of the carnival over on a zillion ideas too.

Monday sunshine was my Monday post. I put the psychology post on a zillion ideas and so wrote a little about blogging and other things on Monday.

Carnival Time! was on my mind on Sunday. There are more photos of the carnival in that post.

I’ve been gardening this week. I adjusted the 2 stroke engine on my strimmer and it actually started. I think it needs further adjustment though. It went cooler last night and the thing wouldn’t start. It’s a little cooler as I write this, but it’s not yet 10 o’clock. Early morning is a good time for working outside. If you’re a gardener then consider a very early start. In many hot countries no one goes outside around midday. They tend to get up very early and then have a snooze somewhere nice and cool around midday or in the afternoon.

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