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You might remember my Christmas story that I wrote at the end of last year. I was talking to my friend in California using Skype this morning and she suggested that I write a summer sequel. It’s not a bad idea. I’m inspired! We all need inspiration and motivation to do anything. Money seems to be the only motivation that many people seem to need and a lot of it!

I wish something would inspire this blog post. My mind is full of ideas, but none of them are to do with blogging. I need to go shopping for food. I shall do that this morning. There seems to be a break in the nice weather, it’s cooler this morning. I have photography planned for this afternoon, hopefully that will inspire a blog post too! I write a post everyday and most days, I write two. Many writers struggle to write one article a week. It can take me a week or more to research an article. We all need to be inspired and motivated to do anything. I think it’s important for us to do things we’re good at and enjoy. I quite enjoy writing and photography, so that’s what I do.

In the news this week was an agreement at the G20 summit to try to get large companies to pay their taxes. I don’t think George Osborne really understands economics. Companies don’t really pay taxes. We do. If Google has to pay more tax in the UK, they will probably put up the cost of advertising to UK business, they will pass that cost on to us. The point of fair taxes is so all companies are on a level playing field, at the moment Google has an advantage in the market. The advantage is partly due to tax avoidance, but mostly because in the UK market it has no British competition. Why no real competition in Britain? Maybe because the country is run by toffs, with no understanding of economics…

David Cameron has called on Internet companies like Google to remove depraved images from the internet.  David Cameron told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show search firms like Google needed to do more to block results from “depraved and disgusting” search terms. They mean child abuse images and we can all agree with that, but what is the definition of depraved? The dictionary says morally corrupt or perverted. Some Conservative MP’s would argue that gay marriage is morally corrupt and perverted. There are lots of images and videos on the internet that many conservative people would regard as depraved. Will they all be removed? Will the US porn industry targeting of the UK be stopped? Many young people get their ‘sex education’ from porn movies. I watched a little of a Channel Four programme on sex education for young people and many of the sex acts would have been regarded as depraved before they were ‘normalised’ by the US porn industry.

There was an EDL demonstration in Birmingham yesterday. I saw a photo of the protesters. They looked aggressive, maybe it was the tattoos down their arms. They do seem to symbolise intolerance. Glad I never wasted my money on them…

I’ve been experiencing the smells and sounds of summer. The sound of hover mowers and children playing. I could smell a barbecue last night and I might have one of my own. I could smell kippers this morning. I think I smell rain now…

That’s it for today. I usually write about psychology tomorrow, but I feel a day off coming on. Please share you thoughts in the comments box and you can also follow me on Twitter.

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