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Thrifty Thursday | Where did the money go?

The super-six at Aldi this week are nectarines (4/5), chestnut mushrooms (250g), cocktail vine tomatoes (250g), butternut squash, cherries (150g) and courgettes (3). They are all 69p each. I’m still eating last week’s nectarines!

Today’s special buys include a desktop computer and back to school stuff. I don’t think that computer includes a monitor, but it could be a good replacement computer. I think desktop computers are good if you have a few kids, so they can easily share it. They tend to last longer than laptop computers too, but aren’t quite as convenient.

The Sunday special buys at Aldi didn’t excite me very much, it’s mostly stuff for kids.

It might be worth looking in Poundland for pencils, crayons and notebooks to keep the kids amused over the holiday. They have yarn for knitting (50g),three for £2.00.

Asda has a few bargains this week, such as iceberg lettuces for 50p. The grapes are reduced from £2.00 to £1.50 for 500g. They have too many offers where you have to buy two or three to save. They discriminate against single people like me in favour of families.

I had some Asda cornflakes and some sweeteners from Asda too this week. I didn’t fetch them myself, so I paid cash. I read this week that people are so free with their money that they can’t remember where they spent it. That was the only cash I spent this week. I remember using my cards too. I used my debit card in Aldi on Sunday and again to get petrol and my credit card to buy a new freezer. That was an experience. My freezer packed up in the early hours of Monday morning, it seemed like the compressor. So I went and bought a new one. There were two the right size, a silver one and a white one. They were identical except for the colour and the silver one had an handle. I ended up ordering the white one, it was £10 cheaper. It seems they charge extra for swapping the door around and then they try to sell you insurance for extended warranty. I’m my own insurance company. I did pay a tenner extra for next day delivery and then had to insist that they take away the old one and unpack the new one. I might have been better unpacking it myself. I wouldn’t have got bits of polystyrene everywhere. I must phone later and register the warranty. Anyway, if you’re thrifty and frugal, you can afford a new freezer when disaster strikes and you don’t need to pay extra for an handle or insurance. Most importantly, I’ll pay the credit card off next month, so I won’t have to pay extra for borrowing money in interest.

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t wasted money on a Starbucks coffee this week or a take-way meal or any of the other expensive impulse buys that people tend to forget add up to a small fortune over the period of a year. I did use my cell phone, that was a bit of a waste, but it’s not often I use it. The money I made on the stock market will cover that!

For local readers I must mention that there is a historic vehicle show in Walsall on Sunday, in the arboretum extension. Regular readers might remember my photographs last year. I hope to photograph it again this year. I must get my money worth out of my new Nikon!

Have you spotted any bargains this week? Please share you thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


5 responses

  1. I managed to get four nectarines (a punnet) for 59p from my green grocers, it was 2 for £1 but I thought eight nectarines might be a lot. They are so nice at the minute though, thoroughly enjoying them. I was debating going to aldi to get their super six, but might do that next week. Thanks for sharing.

    25, July 2013 at 4:07 pm

    • Hi,

      I think I had 5 for 69p, so about the same price. I think I liked the peaches a little better but they were both nice. They have nice grapes too. 1.25 for 400 grams.

      I’ll have to stock my new freezer this week.

      Thanks for visiting.

      25, July 2013 at 11:08 pm

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