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Who are we to judge?


Today’s picture is of the Grapes Pool, just outside Bilston. Someone drove a car into it this week. I suppose it’s easy done. Who are we to judge? A guy was convicted in Walsall for soliciting a prostitute (kerb crawling). He had a prostitute in his car and went to a cash machine to get some money. Who are we to judge?

According to him, he needed money to buy tomatoes and she was showing him where to buy them. It could be true… Who are we to judge? If the police are arresting every guy in Walsall who has  a woman in the car who trades sex for something, a lot of guys are going to get arrested. It seems they are clamping down on sex workers in Walsall. It’s a symptom of deprivation, along with pound shops, pay day loans and charity shops. It’s a shame Walsall Art Gallery didn’t get the Turner prize. That would have brought some visitors in and customers for these local enterprises…

How to manage a million pounds was yesterday’s post. I don’t think I won anything on the Euro-millions, but there’s always tonight’s Lotto. I wonder how many people in the Black Country play the lottery? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Who are we to judge?

Thrifty Thursday | Where did the money go? was Thursday’s post. It seems many people can’t remember where they spent their money. It’s easy to get through a tenner these days. You pop out to buy a paper, get a lottery ticket while you’re there and get tempted by a bag of jelly babies and before you know it you’ve spent close on a tenner…

Photography and neodigital art was Tuesday’s post about art and photography. I used a selection of pictures this week, including one taken in the Caribbean. 

Incidentally, my freezer packed up on Monday and so there was no Monday post. I went out and bought a new freezer and have been eating the food from my old one all week.  I have to stock the new freezer this weekend.

Inspiration and motivation was my Sunday ramble post. I was inspired to write a short story to follow up from the Christmas story. It’s not very good, but I have ideas to improve it.

Fancy naming a baby George. That’s worse than Gideon Oliver. Some parents are bloody cruel. But, who are we to judge?

There is a classic car show tomorrow in Walsall Arboretum (in the extension). If the exhibitors see any young ladies walking around in less than prim and proper dress they shouldn’t allow them into their passenger seats. They might be okay. I doubt if there will be any cash machine or stalls selling tomatoes, but you never know. If some hot young babe comes up to me and asks for a lift to the tomato shop, I’ll think twice about it. I’ll have my camera though. I can always claim she’s a model. They have models at car shows to drape half naked over cars to attract attention. Not in Walsall though…

That’s it for today. I’ll be back with a Sunday ramble post tomorrow… Have your say in the comments box and you can also follow me on Twitter.


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