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I went to Sandwell Valley on Sunday afternoon. It was windy as a storm was coming in. It was my second choice, I intended to photograph the historic vehicle show, but I was late for that and then my car battery was flat and i had to charge it for an hour. So I ended up here. I have decided to do a collection of river and canal pictures for a competition and maybe a summer exhibition.

This next photo is interesting, but not quite what I was looking for.


I cropped the next picture to feature the kids on their bikes as the subject.


Again it’s not the artistic style I’m looking for but interesting and the patterns in the picture add to the interest.  This is another interesting picture:


These are interesting pictures, but I was more interested in the bridge after it had flooded.


This is the sort of picture I want for both the competition and the exhibition. Perhaps with the graffiti edited out. I think I could take this shot better. If it was a little earlier in the day, I think the light would be better. The aftermath of the flooding adds to the picture though. I have another post today on a Zillion Ideas, with some artistic edits of other pictures I took on Sunday. Why not pop over and check those out. You can also comment and share you thoughts or even follow me on Twitter.


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