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Thrifty Thursday UK | This weeks bargains

The Aldi super-six today are plums (400g), peaches (4/5), large vine tomatoes (450g), sweet corn (2), salad potatoes (1Kg) and runner beans (250g). They are all 69p. The salad potatoes are nice if you cook a few whole and in their skins. Boil them until they are just cooked, don’t over-cook them.  Serve with lots of delicious runner beans with a peach and a plum for dessert…

Aldi has some pork mince (500g) for £1.49, that would be OK, stir fried with onion and rice, add a little soy sauce and 5 spice, then toss in some frozen peas. Included in today’s special buys are bean sprouts in a jar and ready to wok noodles (89p). When I ask my Chinese friends what they have been eating it’s nearly always rice and noodles, so you can do a really authentic Chinese meal this week. Those stir fry sauces on offer today are really delicious too. I tried one of those not long ago. Get a tin of lychees (255g) for 99p and you can have those for dessert! I did buy some of those once, but I gave them to a Chinese student, they say they are delicious. I must try them.

aa grapes

I had grapes from Aldi last week for £1.09, they are delicious and a good subject for a photo! They have photos frames (6X4 inches) in today’s special buys for £2.99. They might be worth checking out. I usually have my photo frames from Poundland though.

Sunday’ special buys are all for people who are into fishing. I like the look of the fishing bag for £10.99. I might check that out. It looks like it might make a really good camera bag! The men’s fishing vest (£11.99) looks good too. There’s not enough room in the pockets for camera lenses though! It’s worth looking through the ‘while stocks last’ stuff too. The clippers for cutting hair could save some families a fortune. You might make a few quid with those cutting your friend’s kids hair too.

If your kids are bored with the school holiday already get them some pens or pencils from Poundland and a sketch pad. They might grow up to be artists! You can also get them notebooks to take notes on their outings through the hols. Look up your local council on the internet. Many charge for activities, but there are free activities for the summer. I looked at a performance of Romeo and Juliet, they want people to book for it and pay in advance and it’s outdoors. I think it was £12.00. In a deprived area like this, that seems expensive. They should do better concessions and discounts if the weather is crap. Family tickets wouldn’t be a bad idea either. They couldn’t organise a picnic in a brewery could they?

Asda is always worth checking out for clothes. Families with kids need to check out the school clothes now.

I looked at the Matalan sale, but it didn’t excite me very much.  The bone china mugs are half price at £1.75. I had some of those, but with a nice pattern. I’m down to my last two now. I could do with some new ones so I can dumb all my old ones. I do my writing with a china mug at my side, a phone, note pads and pens. The mug gets filled with tea in between paragraphs!

That’s it for today, hunt those bargains down this week because we all have to save money. The economy is still in a mess. Try to spend your money locally too, rather than on imports, that’ll help far more than fracking…

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  1. Thanks for sharing once again, for some reason although I could get this information in a formal setting I much prefer it on here. In terms of shopping locally, I’ve been trying to find a local delicatessen to buy perhaps an apple tarte or some other lovely goodie, and having been to two different places so far I am struggling to find one. While I want to spend my money locally all I have the choice of is big named bakers. Which is good, they do nice food, but it is the same everywhere.

    1, August 2013 at 1:17 pm

    • Hi,

      I agree that we need to spend more money locally. I think rents where I live on small shops have come down a little, but they don’t sell food like in the old days! the shop that used to be the greengrocers is now a tanning salon. The chemist is now a pharmacy and extended the shop to take over the grocers shop next door. The butcher’s shop is now a bookies with half a dozen tellys and even fewer customers. The cake shop where you could buy apple pies once upon a time is now an off licence.

      We used to have people running little shops in the front rooms of terraced houses. Now the rich invest in multinationals and they run everything and the people work for 6.21 an hour until they can be replaced by robots.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      1, August 2013 at 2:21 pm

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