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Whats it like to live in Wednesbury?


What’s it like to live in Wednesbury? This is a question I’m asked quite a lot. People overseas think it’s great because they see photographs like the one above. That’s the canal on the west side of town from me running through an industrial estate. That bridge goes across to Moorcroft Wood. There was a teddy bear’s picnic for the kids in Moorcroft Wood this week.

We have a Victorian Park which is quite nice. It’s not as nice as when I was a kid, the pavilion is gone to be replaced with a skate board thing. I’m surprised they haven’t built a young offenders centre on the edge of it.


This is the south side of town.  This is a pool of water left by mining, not pretty is it? There are lots of geese and ducks to feed though.


This is the river. I know, it’s pathetic; you can hardly row your boat down that. Can you? You are much better off with the canal if you’re into boating.


This is the park, when we had the carnival on. It’s not usually this colourful. It is Victorian though, just like the library, the art gallery and museum and many of the people.


This is the market on a busy day. It’s close to Morrison’s and the bus station. People flock there for the bargains! There is a Poundland close by and a few charity shops.

So there you have it. Wednesbury is crap. If you’re thinking of coming to live here, don’t bother. There isn’t a mosque for miles… Go to the Royal Borough of Sutton Coldfield, it’s much nicer there or Solihull even, they have more Tories. You could even try West Bromwich, they have the Public, a new Tesco and tend to get all the money. We have Victorian buildings, they have iconic buildings like the Public, the new college (ours got knocked down) and soon the new super iconic Metropolitan hospital. They spent a fortune on their park too, yes West Brom is much more iconic than Wednesbury.

What do you think? Please share your views on where in England is the best place to live in the comment box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


6 responses

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  2. Now, now Mike. Crap is a very strong word to be using when describing Wednesbury.
    Although I agree we have been let down badly by the powers that be, giving all there dosh to West Brom.

    The history of Wednesbury is amazing and although not as much is in evidence now, there is still a lot to be found … if you look!

    I’m going to start history hunting tours, were we go in search of the elusive tunnel, were we touch and take pictures of the original walls of the Drill hall and for lunch?
    We drink in the oldest pub in town & maybe partake in grey pays & bercun.

    You will be more than welcome to join us Mike, and we will all make you ‘eat’ your words.

    Crap? ….. oooh you are in deep trouble now! 🙂

    6, August 2013 at 9:06 am

    • Hi Tia,

      It’s crap. We don’t want more people coming to work here from bloody Solihull or people coming to live here from Poland, Hungary or anywhere else. They can all go up West Brom and go to the multi cultural pink cafe cafe in the Public.

      If you need places to go around Wednesbury. I know a few, we’re looked all along the river Tame now and photographed it. I think we’re done all the churches and stone wall down Squires Walk. Be sure to take them around the Milky Pool too. Take some photos of the pools at the ‘back of Browns’ too. I haven’t done those! I did sneak in and photograph the Metro a couple of years ago though. I’ll have to put photos of Wednesbury on Facebook and you and your troupe can go around and try to find the hidden history! I hope to take photos of where the Tame goes under the canal soon. 🙂

      6, August 2013 at 12:26 pm

    • Tia,

      Nearly forgot. I found a dozen medal commemorating the silver jubilee, still in little plastic bags. Maybe, you could organise some kind of competition and winners get a medal! A treasure hunting competition perhaps. The photographs of the best of Wednesbury’s history related features gets a medal?

      I deserve a medal for thinking of this…

      6, August 2013 at 12:34 pm

  3. Michael Hall

    I was born at no 42,Friar Park Road in 1947 and at the age of 6 moved to Lilac Grove no 16,.I went to Addison St, C>P> school followed by Hollyhead Road bopys school since then I joined the army and have never been back to Wednesbury,Whats it like now I wonder ?

    15, March 2018 at 11:18 am

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