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Thrifty Thursday | Careful shopping

The Aldi super-six today are plums (400g), peaches (4/5), large vine tomatoes (450g), sweet corn (2), salad potatoes (1Kg) and runner beans (250g). They are all 69p. I’ve been to Curry’s this week and bought a USB flash drive to record TV programmes on. I later discovered I can play them back on my laptop.

That will be useful. I have two 16Gb flash drives to record on now, so I could watch something on my laptop, while recording on my TV. I noticed the price of mobile phones seemed to be dropping in Curry’s. If they carry on like that, even I might have a smart phone eventually!

The Thursday special buys at Aldi  include things for your pets. The Sunday special buys did excite me much either.  I don’t get paid to plug that stuff, so I tell it the way it is.

I had a look at Matalan because I still need a leather belt. I wish they would get some decent coats in. They have lots of gilets and they went out of fashion with Back to the Future movies. I have no idea, what sort of man buys a Batman onesie; but I definitely   don’t want to meet one. I wonder sometimes whether their fashion buys and designers live on the same planet as me. I can’t complain, at least I get some clothes from there, without taking out a mortgage.

Some universities have art shows on now and some galleries show student work too. It can be a great way to pick up a work of art at a good price. If you can spot an up and coming artist, it could be a good investment.

Growing you own is a great way of saving money and some of my potatoes in tubs are ready to harvest now, so I might photograph the crop this week. My runner beans were slow getting going, but there are beans coming on now. The lawn just keeps on growing. The mix of sunshine and rain has made the hedge grow to a unmanageable size and the lawn must be growing an inch a day. Then grass cutting keep making compost I suppose, I’ll use all that for next years runner beans. At the end of the summer try to dig a trench for your runner beans and fill it with kitchen waste through the winter to provide great compost for next year.

They have weed killer, fertiliser and other gardening supplies in Poundland. That might be worth looking at. They even have garden solar lights for a pound. Those could be useful for barbecues.

That blue car in today’s picture is my 16 year old Vauxhall Vectra, it still goes. I put a new battery on this week. It wasn’t starting so easily and then the battery died. It starts first time now and so I think it will keep going a few more years. The price of petrol has gone up a little so keep shopping around for petrol and driving in stingy mode! Be gentle on the accelerator and the brakes and think ahead to save lots of fuel.

I wrote a blog post about economics on a Zillion Ideas today why not pop over there and read that now? You can also comment and share your thoughts in the box below o follow me on Twitter for daily updates.


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