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Does Walsall need a summer exhibition?


The weather was stormy this week, but seems to be picking up for the weekend. For some people the economy seems to be picking up too.

The new governor of the Bank of England has suggested that interest rates won’t be going up until unemployment has dropped to below 7%. It isn’t a guarantee, inflation could still be a problem. With energy, water and telecoms lacking competition and demand for housing outstripping supply, it probably will be a problem.

Investments update was yesterday’s blog post.  I had a good week on the stock market, it was a shame that gold dropped in price again. The fact that people have stopped hoarding gold could be a good sign for the world economy though. Maybe the rich who western governments owe money to are beginning to realise total economic collapse isn’t a good idea after all?

Thrifty Thursday | Careful shopping was Thursday’s post and more ideas for saving money. I finally have some runner beans coming on in the garden, they will save me a few quid. They are delicious too and so worth growing.

Population, parking and Darlo was Wednesday’s blog post. A few people disagree with my views on parking and think that free parking would encourage more shoppers to our town centres. All the parking spaces have gone now, so I have no idea how that would work. I do think a reasonable charge of 20p an hour right across  the Black Country would be a good idea though. Charges at hospitals are too high too. I think it’s great that I can get a parking space, but a delay in the hospital means extra couple of quid on the car park.

Photography | Up close in macro mode was Tuesday’s art and photography post.  I made a mistake in that post. The last photo was taken with aperture as priority, marked A on the mode dial. I then selected the widest aperture (the smallest number), which allowed lots of light in and put the grapes in focus.

At Last – Music was the second of Sunday’s posts and a music track from Acoustic Alliance. They sing around the Black Country and Birmingham.  They are at the fun day that takes place at Low Hill community centre in Wolverhampton from 11.30-4pm today. You can contact them for bookings through their Facebook page.

Am I happy? Oh, yeah was my less than serious Sunday post. I shall be writing another one of those tomorrow.

I did manage to park in Darlo after all and review the art exhibition in the library. Some of the works were amateurish as I expected, but some were really good. It finishes today, so you have to be quick if you want to see it. It’s upstairs in the library. I suppose you could pop in after you’ve been to Asda? I think some of those pictures are good enough for a summer exhibition. Maybe Walsall art gallery will stop lusting after the Turner prize and look at awarding prizes of it’s own a little closer to home. If the artists of Darlo can produce decent work, think how many the whole of Walsall might come up with. I might even buy a picture next time. The value of art is influenced by the kudos an exhibition in a gallery brings. So come on Walsall Art Gallery. Support local art! When I reviewed the Pachakuti Ten exhibition at Walsall Art gallery it was at the request of a wealth management company. Art is now a popular investment and up and coming artists need the money to develop their talent. Especially the ones in Darlo! Walsall needs a summer exhibition for local artists, especially now the Public in West Brom is to become a ‘college’.

That’s it for today. Please share your views in the comments box and you can also follow me on Twitter.


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