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Monday morning blogging


I took this photo last week, the weather is so changeable you have to get out there when you can. Those kids fishing seem to be making the most of summer. It can be boring fishing, but look at the view and they can chat to their mates while they relax. There are worse ways to spend a summer afternoon.

This is my second blog post this morning. You can read my post about psychology and ‘bettering yourself’ on a zillion ideas. That’s my other website, that is on my own web space. It’s getting more popular, the subscribers are into 4 figures now.

I admit I didn’t post anything on there over the weekend and so there weren’t many readers.  They say ‘content is king’ so so maybe they are right. My regular readers get an email every time I publish a new post which is most days. I concentrated on some local issues over the weekend and those posts went on this site.

Some people imagine that I spend all my time writing and  taking photographs for my blog posts. I do spent quite a bit of time and I do research too, but I can write a post like this quite quickly. I was up at 7 o’clock today and I’ve done one post already and it’s only 9:30. I’m enjoying tea and biscuits as I write! It’s Monday and not my favourite day of the week. I have an hospital appointment before lunch so I just get on with it. I’ve written over 1,000 blog posts now and so I can usually think of something to write about and often have a post planned in advance. I research several posts at the same time. I know what will be one of my posts on Friday already and tomorrow I’ll be using photos from the weekend for art and photography posts. I’ll wing it on Wednesday!

The canal near the hospital provides a waterfront setting for the new art gallery so I might kill two birds with one stone when I come out of the hospital and take a few photos of the waterfront. It’s cloudy today, but the sun is breaking through. It’s usually bad weather when I go to the art gallery, so I might get good photographs around lunchtime. 

It’s much easier to write blog posts if you mix words and pictures and mix the well researched posts to posts like this one; when I just write whatever is on my mind. The main thing is to make what you write interesting to your readers. There is a lot of competition now for readers, there are over a million bloggers, who compete with journalists and others, for readers. Just about anyone can be a writer and publisher now. You can also take great photos with digital cameras or even your phone to add to your blog posts. We are all curious, we all want to know how others live. Why not tell the world, where and how you live?

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