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Thrifty Thursday | A thrifty strategy

The Aldi super-six this week are carrots (1kg), broccoli (335g), spring onions, little gem lettuce (2), radish (200g) and tomatoes (6). They are all 39p each. You have a few ingredients for a salad there. Try adding some vitamin A to your salad by grating carrot on it too. That will help keep your skin clear and healthy.

You need a bit of a strategy when you’re shopping around to save money. You need to be flexible and know where the bargains are. You can find many by checking out prices on the internet, but some prices in smaller shops are often advertised outside the shops, so stay aware.

Today’s special buys at Aldi are worth looking at. There are some useful tools. I might look at the drill bits. There is also bumper packs of pork chops, I’ve had those and their pork is nice. 

The Sunday special buys include a ‘grooming kit’ that could save you a fortune if you cut the kids hair yourself. That’s 12.99 and you don’t get many hair cuts for 12.99 these days. They have a fruit and herb kit for 2.99. I want to look at that. I was thinking of freezing herbs for the winter, my basil plants are doing really well. I shall look at the bag sealing clips too. When you freeze meat it goes discoloured if the bag isn’t sealed properly and those clips look less fiddly than the usual ones.

Some friends came with me to review an art exhibition last week and they wanted to check out a Asian supermarket. I bought 2 Kg of chicken drumsticks for 3.85 which is cheaper than Aldi and they were fresher too. I didn’t check out the fruit and vegetable section, but I’ll be going back to do that. I know they do potatoes for less than £10 for 25 Kg, that’s too many for me, but I might have a new place to buy fruit and veg.

I stock up on all sorts of things. I have lots of chicken in the freezer and I even have a stock of beer for when I have a barbecue, I stock up on wine and beer for guests at Christmas. Having a strategy does take a little will power if you tend to overeat or can’t be satisfied with one drink. Remember that every pound you save shopping around and watching out for bargains is another bottle of beer for the barbecue! Watch out for Banks’ beer (99p) in Aldi, it’s the best!

They say don’t shop when you’re hungry, because you buy more food. If I’m not hungry I’m around the supermarket in 10 minutes and don’t buy enough food! I’m better hungry at least then I look for something nice to eat!

I have those fruit shots from Aldi too. I save the containers and refill them. I filled one with water to take to the hospital on Monday. I was nil by mouth, but you still need a drink. The cheapest drink at the hospital is 1.39, so taking a drink saved me enough for another bottle of beer! I only spent £2.00 on parking too, which was good considering I had an ultrasound scan. I expected to be there much longer. I even had 20 minutes left on my parking ticket. That was worth 66p! I’m sure someone somewhere is sitting at a computer collecting all that unused parking cash and driving a Ferrari to work!

That’s it for today. Please use the comment box to share your thrifty strategy with the world. Good (bargain) hunting. You can also follow me on Twitter. I need a smart phone, so when I spot a bargain, I can tweet it live!


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