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The Saturday post


I used to go to the library every Saturday when I was a kid. I was allowed to take books from the adult section too. I read all the kids books. Do you remember the Saturday books? I wish I could get hold of some of those now, they were magical. Many of the writers that I know used the library as children…

I wrote a few blog posts this week. I usually review them on a Saturday, but this week I’m reviewing all the posts to see if it makes any difference!

What would you do if you won the lottery? was my post yesterday on a Zillion Ideas.  There was a few ideas there that you can use if you win a million or more this weekend.

Thrifty Thursday | A thrifty strategy was Thursday’s post for those of you still waiting to win a million! We all have to try to save money now. Even some councils are trying to save money, usually on the wrong things…

Volunteers – a valuable resource was about volunteering and that was on a zillion ideas too. That was Wednesday’s post.

Writing and photography was Wednesday’s post here on WordPress. That’s a good one for bloggers and writers.

Neodigital Art and photography was Tuesday’s post over on a zillion Ideas on Tuesday.

Art in Darlo and Walsall was also about art. I reviewed a local art exhibition in Darlo library.

Psychology | Bettering yourself was Monday’s psychology post over on a Zillion Ideas.

Monday morning blogging was another post for bloggers and would-be bloggers.

The Public closes down was my Sunday ramble about the Public Arts centre closing down and a few other things. 

I was busy this week! You might remember that I wrote an investments update and mentioned that I bought Premier Foods for the equivalent of 40p a share in 2011. Those shares went up a bit yesterday; 12.75% to be exact…  They are up to 115, not bad that; 40 to 115 in less than 2 years. I think they can easily go to 180 and will probably go to 300p. I expect them eventually to go much higher than that, but that might take a few years. They are still highly leveraged, but on the right track. I don’t give advice of course. What do I know?

The weather forecast here seems better for the weekend. I’ll be doing my shopping looking for bargains and then I’ll be out taking photos and enjoying the sunshine. Have a good weekend. Please comment and share your thoughts and if you’re on Facebook, share this with your friends. You can also follow me on Twitter and re-tweet my links for me!


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