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Neodigital Art | PhotoScape edits


Neodigital Art is about using digital cameras, scanners, computers and graphic tablets to create art. You can even use pencils and pens! I took a few photos on Sunday and have been trying to do something interesting with them in editing.

I used PhotoScape to edit most of them, not only trying to do something artist, but to save on space I’ve also made them much smaller. The one above was of narrowboats on the Rushall canal and it looks quite different now.


I did a similar edit on this picture of the bridge over the canal. I know some people will prefer the colour versions!


This isn’t a pretty picture either, but the light and shade together with the patterns make it interesting.


Even pictures of electricity pylons can be interesting and artistic. This picture has more colour anyway!

Redhouse Park pool

The sun had gone in a little when I took this photo, so I used the flash and it’s highlighted those leaves in the foreground and given the picture more depth. You can experiment with the photography and the editing.

Swans and signets at Redhouse Park

The light was a little poor when I took this shot, the sun went behind a cloud. It’s not very artistic, but has a lot of depth.  Finally, some edits of a picture of a lock keepers cottage:

A combine of cottage

Notice that I didn’t take the satellite dish or TV aerial out of the last picture! That cottage is at Park Hall on the Rushall canal at Walsall.

What do you think, which picture do you prefer? You do like the photographs or the more artistic edits? Please share your views in the comments box. You can also look at the shots I took of the Manor House in West Bromwich on Sunday, I got some of the interior this time. They are over on a zillion ideas. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.


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