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Another week ends

Redhouse scene

Another weeks draw to a close and we have a Bank Holiday weekend to enjoy. I didn’t have a good week really. Remember that ‘Direct Debit’ guarantee? They aren’t supposed to just take money from our bank accounts without telling us, are they?

My energy company took money without telling me. It was partly my fault for reading the meter wrong. I need one in braille or a smart meter. Fortunately, I had enough in the bank to cover it. But what if I had gone overdrawn? Who do you complain to? The energy company or the bank? My car insurance is due and that is going up over 10%. They will just take the money from my account too. Maybe that is why they think they can get away with such a huge rise. To add to my problems, internet banking won’t work right, so I can’t get an online statement.

Saving and investing for the future was my post yesterday on a zillion ideas. I’ll be lucky to have any left to save and invest…

What to do this Bank Holiday weekend was my post here on WordPress. I wish I had given that post a better title, like ‘things to do this Bank Holiday weekend’. Oh well, that shows I’m not perfect!

Thrifty Thursday | Beating the price rises was Thursday’s bargain hunting post.

I might not be Einstein  (but I know a bit about relativity) was over on a Zillion Ideas on Wednesday.

Neodigital Art | PhotoScape edits was here on WordPress on Tuesday, showing you more editing of photographs.

Photography | The Manor House was over on a Zillion Ideas and featured my photos of the Manor House at West Bromwich that I took last Sunday.

HS 2 another fracking bad idea was over on a Zillion Ideas last weekend. Estimates of the cost of HS2 have increased since then, even the treasury thinks the bill could be over 80 billions.

Living in Wongaland was my Sunday ramble here on WordPress. I think there are so many parasites now trying to take advantage of us. Banks, insurance companies, energy companies, water companies, the council and last but not least the government are all out to screw us if they can…

Fines for certain motoring offences went up to £100 this week too. That’s a day’s wages for the average earner, but it’s a nightmare for someone on jobseeker’s allowance out looking for a job. I really hate the points on licences too, but agree that lane hoggers should be given a ticket. There are three lanes on the M6 near me and everyone tries to use the outside lane.

That’s it for today. Please share you views in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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