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Are we all brainwashed or just weird?

The Red House

The kids in the UK got their exam results this week. They take their General Certificate of Secondary Education exams at 16 years old, in June and then get the results in August, two months later. They actually have to apply for jobs or university before they get the results, which might seem bloody stupid; but it must make sense to someone. Anyway, they have finished phase one of the brainwashing; now for the serious stuff.

School is a vague memory for me. I remember savings stamps. They came in two denominations, sixpence or a shilling. The shilling one had Prince Charles head on them and the sixpenny one had Princess Anne’s head on them. The Queen was on the postage stamps. That was just part of the pro-Royalty brain washing. We also had history lessons and learned about those nasty Vikings who invaded us and the nasty French who shot poor King Harold in the eye.  We learnt about King Alfred burning the cakes and fighting the Vikings. We learnt about the empire and the commonwealth. These were the post war years and so the war against those nasty Germans was still in the Sunday newspapers.

Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t brought up to be racists or anything. We had assemble with prayers and hymns every morning. We were growing up to be good Christians and believe in God and only kill the nasty people. We went to Sunday school and learnt how the nasty Romans killed Jesus.

We learnt about the civil war in Britain and those nasty roundheads and that nasty man Cromwell fighting against the Cavaliers (the good guys) and the King. Have I mentioned my Coronation mug and medal?

All this has been replaced with Comprehensive education, media studies, humanities and multi-cultural gay studies. It’s up to parents now to teach kids what a union flag is and to stand up for Britain against the foreign invaders. Thank God for the Daily Mail and the Sun…

I suppose in my old age I have left all my brainwashing behind and become largely immune to it. I don’t read newspapers any more. I treat all the news with suspicion. I read about a guy from China this morning. He pedalled his rickshaw from China to the UK for the Olympics and now he’s off again to pedal to the Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for the 2016 Olympics. I hope the organisers of that make him more welcome than they did in London.

Sport is  another example of brainwashing. You are suppose to support a sport and wave a flag for the England team or player. Sport is just divisive, but I suppose it’s more civilised to kick shite out of your enemy after a game of soccer than killing him on the battlefield…

I might be a bit contrarian, but I’ve never been much of a sheep. I always have to put up a bit of resistance to being brainwashed and herded. I can’t stand queuing or traffic jams. Advertising doesn’t have much effect on me. I’m not a dedicated follower of fashion and I’m not into the latest popular music. I don’t like soaps, reality television, game shows or celebrities.

I could be just weird? Please comment, especially if you’re contrarian or weird too…  You can also follow me on Twitter  or subscribe to my blog posts.


7 responses

  1. Keep in mind – only the sane are locked up – for safe keeping – they’d never last out here.

    25, August 2013 at 11:19 am

    • Hi,

      I’m not sure about that. I read of a paedophile being sent to prison for 4 years this morning and his wife got community service. They used a young girl in a porno video, she was under 13 years old. He will be out in 2 years. Someone fiddling social security got much longer. A crime against children seems to be trivial compared to a crime against the state. I’m being contrarian again! 🙂

      25, August 2013 at 12:29 pm

      • I suppose so, I was only joking – trying to make light of a rough situation.

        25, August 2013 at 12:35 pm

      • The blog post wasn’t meant to be serious! 🙂

        25, August 2013 at 2:37 pm

  2. Brainwashing is part of history. Just look at religion and the Bible. Who knows what’s true.

    27, August 2013 at 6:06 am

    • Hi Nick,

      So true. I remember a friend saying we are all brainwashed by the media. He happened to be very anti communist, so I couldn’t resist telling him that Carl Marx made the same observation! I think the only thing close to the truth is science and that gets distorted sometimes. You can be fairly sure that when you switch the TV on it will work, but then it will show you absolute crap. The TV is far more reliable than the Wonga adverts!

      Thanks for visiting. By the way I went to Matalan! There was a long queue for the checkouts. You know how slow they are.. I got my 20% off though! 🙂

      27, August 2013 at 2:32 pm

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